The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul in Florida on the evening of June 6 is not considered a professional competition, so no scoring is required.

Two boxers have a weight constraint. Specifically, Mayweather must not weigh more than 72.5 kilograms, while Logan Paul has a limit of 86.1 kilograms, in the ring.

Because of this physical disparity, the Florida Boxing Commission does not recognize the fight between Mayweather and Logan Paul as a professional fight. The two fighters, therefore, will compete without a scorer, and no official winner will be determined.

However, the fight can still end early by knock-out, if one of the two boxers knocks out the opponent. The referee who controls the match is the one who makes the decision depending on the condition of the two punches.

The fight between Mayweather and Logan Paul lasted eight rounds, three minutes each. Both sides do not wear head protection when fighting and use standard 340 grams gloves.

Mayweather and Logan Paul met at Hard Rock Stadium yesterday 4/6.  Photo: AP

Mayweather and Logan Paul met at Hard Rock Stadium yesterday 4/6. Image: AP

The venue for the competition is Hard Rock Stadium, Florida, USA. The stadium with a maximum capacity of 75,000 people will welcome spectators into the field. This fight will be broadcast in the form of PPV, pay TV on Showtime. According to the The Sun, the next fight helps Mayweather earn $ 100 million, and Logan earns $ 20 million.

On June 3, Mayweather and Logan Paul had a meeting at Hard Rock Stadium. The two sides did not clash like at the press conference in early May. At that time, Jake – Logan’s younger brother – started a fight when he ripped off the hat from Mayweather’s head. The 44-year-old boxer and the bodyguards immediately rushed to attack Jake, creating a chaotic scene.

Although not fighting, Mayweather and Logan Paul still fought to heat up the next fight. “You’ll see the big difference between a top boxer and a Youtuber. Logan says he has the advantage of his height and long arm span, but wait and see. I practiced a little, but no I have to practice every day. I don’t need to do it, “Mayweather confidently.

Meanwhile, despite being underestimated, Logan is confident that Mayweather will lose the nickname “Lonely and defeated” when the two fight on June 6. The 26-year-old YouTuber said: “I have nothing to lose. The next fight will be very interesting. I will joke around a bit before I hit Mayweather. I will break physically, mentally and everything. “Mayweather’s stuff. I don’t want to compare myself to anyone. I’m different.”

Mayweather is one of the best boxers of all time with 50 all-time wins and five different weight divisions as a professional. The 44-year-old American boxer retired after winning Conor McGregor in 2017. Before that, Mayweather won a bronze medal in featherweight at the 1996 Olympics, three Golden Gloves titles and won the national amateur boxing championship when competing professionally. residual.

Mayweather’s upcoming opponent – Logan is a famous Youtuber, and just had a professional boxing match against fellow British YouTuber Olajide Olayinka Williams in 2019. After six rounds, Logan failed according to the referee’s points.

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