Professional athletes run nearly 30 km per day, while amateurs conquer about 10-15 km is fine.

By page QQThere is no standard for running more or less because each person’s abilities, stamina and motor intensity are inherently different. Typically, professional athletes practice nearly 30 km per day, while amateurs conquer about 10-15 km is fine. Beginners can try to run every day and maintain a distance of less than 10 km.

Here are suggestions of effective running, avoiding injury’s QQ.

Running time in accordance with ability

Many amateurs maintain around 12-16 km per day. If running fast, should extend the distance, the number of runs decreases; For short distances, the number of runs will be increased, such as 20×200 m (200 m 20 run), 15×400 m, 10×800 m, 6×1000 m … The total run is not more than 10 km.

If running freely, 3-5 km is fine. When targeting 25 km, 27 km or 32 km, it is advisable to alternate and shift that range over the weeks. Run once a week or 10 days. Runner can refer to the above method, if appropriate and not exhausted.

Jogging supports weight loss, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, relieves stress, increases endurance and can fight cancer.

Jogging supports weight loss, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, relieves stress, increases endurance and can fight cancer. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

Don’t try to do your best, give your body time to recover

Although young and enthusiastic, the runner can not just run continuously without rest, but should learn to listen to the body and promote 70% of their abilities. Don’t try too hard, give your body time to recover.

For example, if running a full marathon, the runner should not fully sprint, should follow the principle of combining long and short, fast and slow. If the above method is applied well: running slowly at the first stage, the end sprinting, the runner can improve endurance, even surpass their own record.

Combine running and rest for body conditioning

Even if you run at low intensity, you should also incorporate rest. For example, at a distance of 5 km, do not run regularly every day to avoid knee fatigue and Achilles tendon pain. Accordingly, if you run for two or three days, take a break for a day to give your body time to recover.

“Don’t make running a duty, be reluctant to do it every day. Don’t because you see people running and trying to follow. If you keep running nonstop, you can easily become exhausted both physically and mentally. However, should not rest for more than two days, cardiopulmonary function will decline, when running again causes leg pain “, page QQ emphasize.

Many runners use the rule: two days off after the semi-marathon; Take three days off at the full marathon. It is normal that the body has not recovered during this time. Eat plenty of nutrients and relax to ensure sleep.

Run time intervals and try cross sports

Experts say that you should not run every day, regardless of distance or intensity. Some people run every day, their performance doesn’t improve, but their fitness also tends to go down. That is when the body no longer wants to run. When the muscles are tired, do not want to move but have to try to operate, the body can easily react.

Therefore, in addition to running time interval, runners should also try other sports, both exercise health, avoid boredom and keep passionate about movement. It is possible to alternate cycling, swimming, rock climbing, rope skipping …

Jiang Yi (According to the QQ)

VnExpress Quy Nhon Marathon took place on 6/6, the peak season of Quy Nhon – Phu Yen tourism. Athletes can combine the tournament with jogging and travel with family and relatives. Tens of thousands of people came to this central coastal city during the tournament.

VnExpress Marathon Amazing Halong took place on August 1, in the tourist city of Ha Long, Quang Ninh. Held in the coastal city for the first time, the tournament promises to bring new experiences to athletes across the country.

VnExpress Marvelous Nha Trang 2021 will take place on September 19 in Nha Trang, the largest marathon event in the city ever. The tournament aims to attract from 6,000 athletes, bringing together runners and clubs across the country.

VnExpress Hanoi Midnight started at midnight on November 20, in the typical winter cold of the capital. Historic landmarks and famous trails will appear under the athlete’s footsteps.

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