With a unique terrain, hole 18, Ho field promises many dramatic moments to find the female major champion of the American Golf Association (USGA) on the morning of June 7, Hanoi time.

From experts’ comments and historical developments, Gold Digest affirming that the final stage of the US Women’s Open 2021 battlefield is among the most beautiful and difficult in the major host fields.

Seen from the top of the pit, the fairway is as narrow as the aisles between the shelves in a supermarket. If playing on the right, the golfer will be blocked by an ancient cypress tree in the second shot, and lost in the high and thick rough grass on the left, they will be in an uncomfortable position – the ball on the slope. In addition, the players also have to hit the slopes to get to the green, which has long been on the list of “smallest holes in the major arena”.

Challenging terrain of hole 18 of Ho yard.  Photo: Golf Digest

Challenging terrain of hole 18 of Ho yard. Image: Golf Digest

The “prospect” of the 18th hole’s drama was revealed in the penultimate stage.

This hole, Lexi Thompson hit the rough, the second shot over the green. She kept par thanks to a chip in and a putt 0.9 meters from the hole, thereby reaching the top of the board at -7 after 54 holes.

In contrast, Filipino player Yuka Saso scored -7 on hole 18. She hit through the canopy of a cypress tree to get onto the green. The ball entered the rough next to the green, in a not too difficult position, Saso chip in but lost two putts to lock the bogey. After that negligence, Saso ranked second, behind Thompson due to the remaining score of -6.

And it was the 18th hole that made the situation of British golfer Mel Reid worse. She double bogey after falling into a bunker on the left green, then closed the round 78 and down to T23 (+5). Over the course of three days, the tournament recorded the sixth highest hole in terms of difficulty, with 47 birdies versus 126 bogeys and 23 double bogeys or worse.

During this time, Ally Ewing, who won the LPGA Tour last weekend, had all bogey 18 holes. She hit the fairway twice, but all three attempts to get to the green hit the bunker to the left of the hole.

When Ho Stadium hosted the 1955 US Open, the legendary Ben Hogan took three shots to get out of the rough and then double bogey on the 18th hole. This tunnel collapse caused him to lose the championship playoff match with Jack Fleck. In contrast, it was that hole birdie that brought Fleck into a duel with Hogan.

This week, the USGA, through each round, changed the length of the 18th hole, ranging from 325-334 yards – similar to the men’s major in 1955. Before that parameter, female players also chose different types of clubs to play. hit the fairway, from the 3 wood to the long iron

Quoc Huy (according to the Golf Digest)

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