Admiral Hoang Thi Duyen brought back the only medal for Vietnam in the 59kg Asian women’s weightlifting championship on the afternoon of April 19.

Hoang Thi Duyen registered three weights of 95 kilograms, 98 kilograms, and 100 kilograms in turn in the content and are easy to overcome. This achievement is slightly higher than the 97 kg weight she achieved at the World Cup Weightlifting World at the end of October 2020.

In the push, Hoang Thi Duyen succeeds at the first two weights of 112 kilograms and 116 kilograms. However, she was unsuccessful at the third weight – 121 kilograms – and accepted to reach a total of 216 kilograms, winning the bronze medal.

In the women’s 59kg weight category, Taiwanese urbanist Kuo Hsing-chun showed remarkable strength when he achieved a record of 110 kilograms, breaking the world record of 107 kilograms held by North Korean elected leader Choe Hyo-sim. In the push, Kuo successfully raised the weight of 137 kilograms, thereby winning the gold medal with a total of 247 kilograms. This achievement broke the old record of 246 kilograms due to the former isolation. Silver gold is the Chinese capitalist Luo Xiaomin with a total of 227 kilograms (102 kilograms for kicks, 125 kilograms for pushers).

Hoang Thi Duyen is the number one athlete in Southeast Asia at 59 kg, with an overall record of 210 kilograms achieved when winning the 2019 SEA Games. Before coming to this Asian Championship, the Lao Cai athlete only set the spend in the top year. Therefore, the achievement of 216 kilograms of general election with the bronze medal can be considered a success for Hoang Thi Duyen.

The Asian Championship 2020 in Uzbekistan (delayed for one year for Covid-19) has a score based on achievements to award tickets to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. With this achievement, the possibility of Hoang Thi Duyen winning tickets to the Olympics is very high. The World Weightlifting Federation will announce the owners of the Olympic slots after the tournament.

The last of the three Vietnamese athletes attending the tournament, Hoang Thi Duyen was the most successful. Before that, Vuong Thi Huyen achieved a general election of 177 kilograms (78 kilograms for kicks and 99 kilograms for pushers) and ranked fifth in the female content 49kg.

Meanwhile, in the male 61kg content, Thach Kim Tuan was disappointed with three weight drops in the push-push content. The athlete born in 1994 was under pressure after he failed at a weight of 131 kilograms. After that, he was unsuccessful at three times when he registered at 151 kilograms and twice as 152 kilograms. In the end, Thach Kim Tuan did not get a record for the general election, and his chances for the Olympics seemed to be over.

Vinh San

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