Inside the US Presidential Palace, there is a green piece for White House owners to pass through the ball practice periods.

The training ground is located in the south lawn – South Lawn, behind the White House and about 20 feet from the main oval door.

It appeared in 1954 with the support from the American Golf Association (USGA) to serve the golf needs of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who loved golf. He built a par3 hole completely inside Camp David and that place is considered the most discreet golf club in America.

Green in South Lawn 2006. Photo: Lafayette

Green in South Lawn 2006. Photo: Lafayette

Before Eisenhower, Harry Truman almost tame the squirrels living on the White House grounds. When in power and having a green practice where the country runs, Eisenhower always takes care of squirrels digging green to bury food. He was witty about security so he shot them. In the end, the landscape maintainer had to catch all the squirrels with traps and move them elsewhere.

Moving to Richard Nixon’s term, the green in the White House was removed for unknown reasons. But in Bill Clinton’s life, “Eisenhower’s legacy” was restored to its original position. This process is in charge of architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. Jones revealed on that “the green surface is only about 185 m2, there is no sand trap as the original because the Secret Service is afraid that Clinton accidentally hit him when he tried to escape the ball to the closing area”.

After Clinton, George W. Bush – 43rd President – also regularly comforted this place. Although the family is a familiar place with the top leaders of the US, architect Jones Jr still feels the pressure to practice putt on his own products with “Bush children”.

“I pushed it in and went to the ball hole, but suddenly the President said ‘don’t’. He’s the president so I have to obey and step back. Turns out, he wants Barney to show. , put the muzzle into the hole and grab the ball out, “said Jones Jr.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden trained the hole on the green of the White House in 2009. Photo: The White House.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden practice the hole on the White House green in 2009. Photo: The White House.

In 2009, President Barack Obama used to train the hole with Joe Biden – deputy at that time. Biden is now the incumbent president. The list of White House owners love golf and Donald Trump, George HW Bush – “Bush Dad”, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy.

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