Landon Donovan thinks a sport that is supposed to be boring has a lot to offer him to pursue.

Playing both golf and tennis, Donovan commented that the mental strength from the two subjects was useful for other team sports.

“I think golf and tennis are the two most nerve-racking subjects. Even more so, golf is heavier. And if we bring that mental prowess into other team sports, the athletes should do well. In golf, you have to forget whether the previous shot is good or bad in order to focus on the next shot Football you will see a lot of guys playing badly, taking a bad shot and being psychologically heavy. I think it’s also a mystery. example of life “, the Great Footballer of All Time of the American Professional Football League (MLS) said above

Phil Mickelson star instructed Donovan to put the ball on the green of La Quinta West Stadium on the occasion of America Express on January 20.  Photo: The Desert Sun

Phil Mickelson star instructed Donovan to put the ball on the green of La Quinta West Stadium on the occasion of America Express on January 20. Image: The Desert Sun

“In tennis, you can win even if you beat poorly in a point match, even play a bad set or the whole game and still win. And golf doesn’t have a turn. It doesn’t change, it’s just you with the ball. This is the difficult part when I start because I am used to the multi-factor sports environment such as the players, the referees, the fans and the climate, and the beauty of golf is that you have no excuses or excuses I can do it or not because of myself. But this turns out to be tiring, because not all shots are good, every position is favorable.I am sure the normal golfer sometimes hit like a professional and will think the correct This subject is within reach. But in fact, compared to the professional level, it is still far away. two subjects he likes.

Donovan understands golf requires both physical strength and mental strength, especially in the top four-day tournaments. “Many people do not realize that recreational golf is different from professional golf. It is common to play golf using a pocket cart or ride a tram. But a professional golf game has to be on foot. This alone, if I go seven or eight holes, it is I feel tired, still in the sun, the professional players are tough. Knowing that they have their own caddies carrying the bags, but they are still respectable. It was hard and tiring. But by the end of the tournament, they were still full of energy as usual, “Donovan analyzed the physical aspect of the sport that was supposed to be leisurely.

In football, Donovan shoots as programmed, but sometimes he still has to watch the ball to kick his foot. In golf, the more important he felt.

Landon Donovan's swing at American Express 2021

Donovan’s swing at America Express 2021 last week.

“Back then, every time I failed to score a goal or shot incorrectly I calmed myself down and told myself ‘just bow your head, shoot through the ball.’ Only since I hung up my shoes did I realize the value of looking. ball in tennis and golf In these two games, whenever I watch the ball to the racquet, or focus on the clubhead movement until it goes through the ball, it is fine. Most of us want to see where the ball goes. I still have to practice watching the ball when I play golf “, Donovan shared his opinion.

To the third grade, Donovan is not a good student. His parents promised to take them out if they were to change. And once, he chose golf. “I don’t know why I wanted to golf that time. So my mother took me. Play regularly for a few years and then gradually thin”, the former soccer star born in 1982 revealed. At the age of six, he started playing soccer.

In 1997, Donovan was recruited into the national Olympic youth football development program and then promoted to the U-17 team. Two years later, he entered the IMG Football Academy. At the U-17 world tournament held by FIFA in 1999, the US team ranked fourth and Donovan was elected as the best player in the tournament. After the tournament, he joined the German professional club Leverkusen.

In 15 years on the pitch, Donovan scored 161 goals in 412 appearances with club colors in the Bundesliga, Premier League and MLS (USA). He has 157 caps for the United States, scored 57 goals and created 58 goals. Donovan is currently the head coach and co-founder of the San Diego Loyal football team.

If he golfs regularly, Donovan can hit a range of 80-85 strokes across 18 holes from the position played by the amateur. “I’m not good at kicking, but my ability to use iron and short range is fine,” Donovan said, assessing his own personal golf.

Donovan did not forget to play golf in Florida when he was in the Under-17 team. On the field then there was the head coach. Donovan polish near the lake. When he took a preparatory posture, watching the direction of the attack, he heard the football teacher shout “Landon, I need to check around now”. “I looked around and spotted a crocodile crawling up close. Immediately I dropped the ball and ran away. I’d rather spend a few dollars than having a disaster,” Donovan said.

Donovan won the MLS six times, with San Jose Earthquakes in 2001, 2003, and with LA Galaxy in 2005, 2011, 2012, and 2014. Photo: AP

Donovan won the MLS six times, with San Jose Earthquakes in 2001, 2003, with LA Galaxy in 2005, 2011, 2012, and 2014. Photo: AP

Last week, Donovan participated in a team golf competition to raise money for charity before American Express – the PGA Tour event in La Quinta, California. Each hole has a certain bonus.

Former US international and Paul Casey teamed up, against Tony Finau – Jake Owen. Casey and Finau have both played a longtime PGA Tour, and Owen is a country music star in America. After a nine-hole competition, Finau – Owen won $ 660,000 while Casey – Donovan got $ 340,000. All of this money goes to local charities.

Quoc Huy (from PGA Tour)

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