Tyson Fury has Covid-19, so his fight for the WBC heavyweight title against Deontay Wilder will not be able to take place this month.

“The third match between Fury and Wilder will be postponed indefinitely. We wish Fury’s team and him the fastest recovery from Covid-19,” quoted a statement from the World Boxing Council (WBC). on 9/7 there is a paragraph.

The third fight between Fury and Wilder is scheduled to take place on July 24 in Las Vegas. However, the match was postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak at Fury’s headquarters.

Not long after a member of the team contracted Covid-19, the 32-year-old British boxer also received a positive result. Fury got one dose of the vaccine, but didn’t get a second shot.

Tury won by knockout in a fight in Las Vegas on February 22.  Photo: Reuters

Tury won by knockout in a fight in Las Vegas on February 22. Image: Reuters

“We continue to monitor the health of Tyson and his team. So far, things have not progressed,” Top Rank – Fury’s management company – announced on July 9.

The fight is likely to be moved to October. In the first meeting at the end of 2018, the two boxers drew after 12 rounds. In the rematch in February 2020, Fury dominated and won by technical knockout in the seventh round.

Losing this fight, Wilder has the right to ask Fury to make a rematch immediately after, according to the signed contract. But the 35-year-old American boxer did not activate that clause, because of a shoulder injury and concern about the impact of Covid-19.

Fury’s side believes that the contract expires in the last month of 2020 and arbitrarily looks for a new opponent. In March, the heavyweight boxing champion and Anthony Joshua signed a contract to unite all four of the most prestigious heavyweight titles, including the WBA, IBF, WBO and WBC heavyweights. The match is scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia with a total prize money of about 280 million USD.

However, on May 17, Daniel Weinstein – who holds the right to rule on the terms of the fight with Fury – issued a ruling asking the 32-year-old boxer to honor his contract, and fight a third fight with Wilder before the date 9/15. Fury, therefore, must defend the title against Wilder before he can fight for a unified title fight with Joshua.

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