BrotherJoseph Parker was awarded more points by two referees in the match for the right to challenge the heavy WBO Inter-Continental belt with Derek Chisora ​​on the evening of May 1.

On the seventh second, in the near first blow, Chisora ​​laid Parker on the floor with a ring punch. Parker, who held the heavy WBO belt three years ago, bewildered as if not understanding what just happened. 30 matches, after nine years of professional play, Parker certainly could not be so immature.

Chisora ​​beat Parker in the seventh second

Parker was punched in the seventh second.

However, what happened next in the Manchester glove show that Parker is no longer the one who made Joshua win in 2018. The New Zealand boxer clearly gained weight, moved less flexible and could not outnumbered opponents eight years older than him and at a disadvantage in both height and arm span.

Chisora ​​charged at once during the first five innings, as if wanting to end the match early. But he lacked the speed and weight of his decisive moves. Despite the urging of coach Buddy McGirt out of the ring, the British boxer did not know what to do more than hook Parker’s belly and ribs. While it should be, an exact blow to the head would be the end for Parker – who still hasn’t stopped being dumbfounded by the knee-start of the match.

By the sixth half, Chisora’s stamina declined. From the attack, the British boxer turned to the way of exploration, keeping points, which was Parker’s strength. Starting from the ninth round, Parker overwhelmed and held that until the last gong of the 12th half rang.

Chisora ​​attacked heavily in the first five innings.  Photo: Matchroom Boxing

Chisora ​​attacked heavily in the first five innings. Image: Matchroom Boxing

Of the three referees, two gave Parker more than 116-111 and 115-113, with only one scoring a winner for Chisora ​​115-113. This makes the 37-year-old boxer angry. “They just want me to hang up. Obviously, I won this match. But I won’t give them the right. I’ll continue my career and be ready for a rematch if Parker asks. Now, I can’t see. I will continue to practice, fight and bring my determination to the ring, “he said after the match.

On the Parker side, he got a challenge against the heavyweight WBO Inter-Continental belt holder Oleksandr Usyk with a victory on the evening of 1/5. The New Zealand boxer said: “Chisora ​​hit me like he was terrorizing me. Unexpectedly he was so strong. It was a difficult match, but I was able to regain focus. Maybe the playstyle change. Through each round has helped me stand up “.

Parker’s career had bottomed out in mid-2018. After losing the WBO title to Joshua in the championship match, the New Zealand boxer lost to Dillian Whyte and had to start over, against little-named opponents. year old.

Victory over Chisora ​​can help Parker revive his career.  Photo: Matchroom Boxing

Victory over Chisora ​​can help Parker revive his career. Image: Matchroom Boxing

It took nearly three years, Parker hit the top again, in the match against Chisora. However, the match, which had been postponed since 2020 due to Covid-19, was almost impossible to take place at the last minute due to Chisora’s disapproval of being placed on a challenge. It took a phone call from his mother’s hometown, Mrs. Viola, a 37-year-old boxer, to calm down and accept the station.

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