It doesn’t require a lot of equipment, but the exercises below are effective enough to burn calories and strengthen the leg muscles for runners during the interval.

In the current Covid-19 context, runners have to stay indoors and have no training conditions. Many people began to worry that they would lose all their stamina and strength once they were allowed to run again. Others are concerned when the second round… increases daily.

To cope, the coaches of the BoiDapChay Club (Swimming-Biking-Running) advise some of the exercises below to keep fit, while helping to control weight gain and lose fat. These exercises are designed to be done indoors, do not require a lot of equipment, but are effective for burning calories and strengthening leg muscles.

Jumping rope is considered a useful exercise to strengthen muscles and keep fit.  Photo: victoriouschampion

Jumping rope is considered a useful exercise to strengthen muscles and keep fit. Photo: victoriouschampion

Jump rope to stay fit

Jumping rope is a popular exercise that many professional athletes around the world apply when Europe and the US are blocked in 2020. This is also a favorite exercise of famous coach Brett Sutton. He has coached Nicola Spirig – a gold medalist in triathlon Olympic London 2012 and many Ironman champions.

According to Sutton, jumping rope will help runners run faster and is the best method to maintain fitness, if it is impossible to go outside. What the runner needs is a jump rope, a small yard. Jump ropes should be plastic because they are lighter in weight and can swing and jump faster. In addition, runners should avoid jumping on cement floors or hard surfaces, because there is a risk of injury to shin splints. It is best to dance on a wooden floor, or a yoga mat.

The dance moves are not complicated. Most used to jump rope when they were young, just pay attention to stomping with the toes, knees slightly bent to reduce the impact on the legs when landing. Runners can refer to the movements of VnExpress Marathon Hue 2020 champion – Le Quang Hoa.

Le Quang Hoa instructs to practice skipping rope

Jump rope exercise of athlete Le Quang Hoa.

Runners with a good physical background and experience as well as a long run can try jumping for three minutes, resting for one minute, and repeating five times. In those three minutes, on average, you can jump 300 times, with a normal jumping speed like Le Quang Hoa in the video above.

If you are new to jumping rope and are new to running, you can start by jumping 50-100 times (takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute), take a short break and repeat. Try to repeat 10 times or more. The recommended number of jumps is about 15-20 times.

Additional home gym exercises without equipment

In addition to the above-mentioned jumping rope exercise, to develop muscles, runners can also do additional exercises for muscle groups used when running such as thighs, glutes and abs. Because these exercises do not use heavy weights, runners can do these exercises anywhere and use their own body weight. Therefore, the purpose of this exercise is not to make the muscles grow bigger, but to increase the flexibility of the muscle bundles for running, thereby helping to avoid injury.

According to coach Cao Ngoc Ha of BoiDapChay, when it comes to supplements and injury avoidance, runners should not consider muscle bundles in the legs as separate blocks. In contrast, muscle bundles are connected and support each other. Even an injury to the knee or foot can result from a weak gluteal muscle group, causing the iliotibial band to not hold the kneecap in place, leading to knee pain. Therefore, when doing complementary exercises for running, it is necessary to apply a comprehensive approach to training the muscle groups used in movement, instead of just focusing on developing a few major muscle bundles such as calf and thigh muscles.

The video below is an example of that holistic workout. Exercises like Squats will help to strengthen the thighs, Hip bridge for the glutes, Calf Raise (tilts) for the calf muscles, and Plank and Arabesque exercises that target the abs (central muscles), helping to keep the body balanced when running.

5 exercises to strengthen the body for runners

Five muscle strengthening exercises for runners.

These exercises are not too heavy, so they can be done after jumping rope. If you feel the exercise is too light, you can also hold more dumbbells (1-2kg per hand) to increase the difficulty of the exercise.

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