The presence and tinkling sound, sometimes loud from the cicadas, have made those attending the Memorial Tournament – the PGA Tour event in Muirfield Village have to “cry and laugh”.

This arena in Dublin, Ohio is a park type, so there are many trees, suitable for cicadas to live and breed.

According to the Golfweek, adult male ticks can emit noises up to 96 decibels. Meanwhile, the volume from a normal conversation is about 60 decibels, a commercial jet lands around 80, and the lawn mower is up to 90 decibels.

The tree-dwelling cicada choir is a specialty at the Muirfield Village yard.  Photo: Columbus Dispatch

The tree-dwelling cicada choir is a specialty at the Muirfield Village yard. Image: Columbus Dispatch

At Memorial 2004, Joey Sindelar joined the “dream team” – accompanied by Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh. “I was playing Memorial back then right after the Wachovia championship. The team fight with Tiger and Vijay was probably the most epic of my life. And then on the fourth tee, a tick got stuck inside the collar. Tiger. and Vijay tried to catch it. The audience laughed at that time. To this day, my house still hangs a picture of that moment,” Sindelar recently said on Golfweek.

Luckily Sindelar was just trying to scare away the cicadas. And Craig “Woody” Camarolli ate them. In the same year, Camarolli worked as a combat assistant to competitor Dudley Hart. This caddie pocketed $100 for beating boss Hart on the “chewing a tick” quiz. Hart later dropped out of the tournament because of food poisoning.

A few days before Camarolli, player Paul Azinger bet 50 USD for a similar challenge with a caddy. “Oh, he put it in his mouth like a grape and chewed vegetables like a potato chip. It didn’t have any guts, it didn’t translate. It was probably the easiest money he ever made,” Azinger recalls.

Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio. Inside this residential area, the great golfer Jack Nicklaus designed the par72 course, inaugurated in 1974. This place has been a fixed destination on the PGA Tour calendar since 1976, with the Memorial Tournament also founded and hosted by Nicklaus every year. The 2021 prize pool kicks off on June 3 with a prize fund of $9.3 million. Nicklaus, nicknamed the Golden Bear, won 73 PGA Tour championships, including a record 18 majors.

Jon Rahm – the golfer who is ranked third in the world (OWGR table) – asked why Nicklaus didn’t drive the ticks off the course during a conversation in early May with a veteran local reporter. This person wittily explained that, “Nicklaus can win up to 18 majors, but only God can chase them and so far He has not taken action”.

Quoc Huy (according to the Golfweek)

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