Midfielder Giorgio Chiellini was photographed as if pulling British athlete Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake, helping Italy to finish first in the men’s 4x100m run at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on the evening of August 6.

The photo appeared on the Grande Fraglello photo editing community on the evening of August 6, not long after the final competition where Italy won the gold medal, and was quickly shared on social networks.

The moment Chielleni made a tactical mistake, pulling Saka down in extra time in the Euro 2021 final on July 11 was cleverly cut. The captain of the Italian football team looked like he was pulling Mitchell-Blake, thereby helping compatriot Filippo Tortu reach the finish line first with a difference of only 1%.

Chiellini in this photo of Grande Flagello.  Photo: Grande Flagello

Chiellini in this photo of Grande Flagello. Photo: Grande Flagello

The men’s 4x100m final on the evening of August 6 ended suffocatingly. Richard Kilty, England’s third runner, sped up spectacularly to give Mitchell-Blake the lead in the last leg, with a long lead over Italy. But he still lost the gold medal at the decisive moment.

Tortu, Italy’s fourth runner, sped perfectly to go from second to number one in the final meter. His hunched over, leaning forward to cross the finish line helped Italy get a gold medal in the 4x100m relay.

Italy’s four-legged runners finished in 37 seconds 50, the first time in history to win an Olympic gold medal in this content. The British running team has the best record of the year. However, with 1% slower than Italy, they sadly received the silver medal.

Italy won the 4x100m . relay

This is the second time Italian sports have sown England in less than a month. On July 11, coach Roberto Mancini’s Italy team defeated England at Wembley after a penalty shootout to win Euro 2021.

The situation was considered a turning point in the second half injury time, when Chiellini misjudged the direction of the ball and pulled Bukayo Saka down. The Italian captain’s defender paid the price with a yellow card, but helped the home team avoid a dangerous situation when the score was 1-1.

Chiellini in the moment of pulling down Saka in the extra time of the Euro 2021 final on 11/7.  Photo: Reuters

Chiellini in the moment of pulling down Saka in extra time in the Euro 2021 final on July 11th. Photo: Reuters

The two teams continued to be undefeated in extra time, and had to take each other to a penalty shootout. There, Italy won 3-2. Saka is one of the three England players to miss.

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