Puerto RicoFelix Verdejo, a martial artist who played at the 2012 London Olympics, confessed on May 2 and faced the death penalty after police found the body of his ex-girlfriend.

According to the NBC News, Keishla Rodríguez – Verdejo’s 27-year-old ex-girlfriend – was reported missing by his family since April 29. Two days later, federal agents found her body in a swampy area in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Through forensic examination, the staff found that Rodríguez was pregnant for several weeks.

Keishla Rodriguez's sister hugged her photo during a victim's justice rally.  Photo: EPA

Keishla Rodriguez’s sister hugged her photo during a victim’s justice rally. Image: EPA

According to investigators, Verdejo punched in the face, then injected Rodríguez an unknown substance. Then, the 27-year-old boxer tied her lover’s hands and feet with a rope and tied her to a heavy object before throwing it on a bridge in San Juan to fly on the morning of April 29. Standing on the bridge, Verdejo also drew a gun and shot the victim.

Verdejo, therefore, faced charges of kidnapping and robbery leading to murder and murder of the fetus. The Puerto Rican boxer surrendered on May 2 and was not sponsored. According to the GuardianYou will surely hold the death penalty, if convicted.

Keila Ortiz, the victim’s mother, said her daughter called her before she disappeared on April 29 and said that Verdejo was coming to her to verify the results of the pregnancy test. Ms. Keila Ortiz also revealed, Verdejo once banned Rodriguez from having children for fear of affecting his career and family. “I told my daughter to be careful, because he threatened her before”, Guardian quoted Ms. Keila.

Verdejo (right) is the most promising boxer in Puerto Rico.  Photo: AP

Verdejo (right) is the most promising boxer in Puerto Rico. Image: AP

Verdejo is married, but still has relationships with Rodriguez, his school girlfriend. He and his team of lawyers declined to comment on the incident that shook Puerto Rico, while police said Verdejo was not cooperative when he refused to answer initial questions.

Verdejo was once considered one of the most promising boxers in the boxing village, when he won all 23 of his first games when he was a professional. He held the lightweight championship of WBO Latino for many years and represented Puerto Rico at the 2012 London Olympics. Verdejo fell into form after losing to Antonio Lozada Jr in 2018, but is still a boxer that has attracted attention in battles in America.

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