The logo of this tournament was also redesigned, simulating a 1986 World Cup dribble of legend.

2020 is the first year that the Argentine Professional Confederation Cup – Spanish name Copa de la Liga Profesional – takes place. This is the soccer tournament of 24 clubs participating in the Argentina National League – Liga Profesional de Fútbol – season 2019-2020, starting on October 30 and is expected to end with the Cup final on January 24, 2021.

After Maradona’s funeral was completed on November 26, the Argentine Football Federation and its member clubs agreed to rename this newly born playground to the Diego Armando Maradona Cup. The stylized image of Maradona with the legendary number 10 shirt dribbling in the 1986 World Cup final that Argentina beat Germany 3-2 was taken as the logo of the tournament.

New logo and name of the Argentina League Cup.

New logo and name of the Argentina League Cup.

10 teams with the honor of having their first kick when the tournament was named after November 28, including the following teams: Racing 1-0 Unión, Colón 1-1 Independiente, Vélez 0-1 Gymnasia, Rosario Central 0 -2 River Plate and Godoy Cruz 0-0 Banfield. In particular, Gymnasia is the team that Maradona was the coach of before passing away.

Naming Maradona for the League Cup is one of many activities to commemorate the legend of passing away from a stroke on November 25. An Argentine congressman proposed to take Maradona’s birthday – October 30 – as National Football Day. Fans campaigned to print a portrait of Maradona on Argentine banknotes.

In Europe, Napoli – the Italian club that Maradona played for during the top seven years of his career – changed the San Paolo home field to Diego Armando Maradona. Coach Marseille, Andre Villas-Boas suggested that FIFA should hang the number 10 shirt at both club and team level, all over the world to commemorate Maradona.

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