A king is a piece that needs to be defended at the start and middle, but it can decide to win or lose at the end.

The power of king in chess

There are two important factors that determine success or failure in the end, namely goodness and mobility. Besides the queen, the king is the only one to attack all eight of the cells around it. New chess players are often afraid of the king being attacked, leading to entrenched in the city even at the end of the game. But sometimes the game is not good, or at the end, the king will show strength when taking the initiative. The players often try to bring the king to the center as quickly as possible at the end, so that it maximizes its power.

The king can even lock codes in the corner of the board, pair light pieces, and use it for many other purposes. Video from Chess.com list some of the endings that a king has the power to decide success or failure.

Xuan Binh

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