4:00 am Phu Van Lau and Nghinh Luong Dinh areas on Le Duan street, Hue city are unusually vibrant. Each team of athletes from the crossroads poured into the starting area of ​​the Hue VnExpress Marathon in front of Phu Van Lau. They are different from the outstanding color costumes, the most prominent one is the green color – the match costume of the VnExpress Marathon Hue 2020.

After sending their belongings, changing their jerseys, they quickly blended into the bustle of the crowd of thousands of runners preparing to leave at a distance of 42 km at 4:50. Many boys and girls active in the runner community happily, shaking hands with joy when reuniting in the last run of the year. Most athletes said eagerly, waiting for the start-up time for many months. In which, many people took part in a running event for the first time, excited through the chants of “Hue, do your best” by a crowd of athletes warming up in front of Phu Van Lau door.

Runner Hong Minh (Hanoi) said worriedly but also excitedly immersed in the vibrant atmosphere with thousands of athletes nationwide. She registered a distance of 5 km, setting the goal to complete in 25 minutes.

Mr. Duc Tuan (Ho Chi Minh City) confirmed that he was ready to conquer 42 km, he did not put a lot of achievements but wanted to enjoy and experience the most beautiful roads in the ancient capital.

The total value of prizes at Hue VnExpress Marathon is nearly one billion VND, in which many more prizes are awarded to runners, the elderly. Accordingly, the organizers expanded the prize structure, awarded up to 96 awards, with a total value of 976 million dong. In which, there was 419 million dong in cash and 557 million dong in kind.

The distance of 42 km and 21 km – a challenging route for all runners – increases to 5 awards (from first to fifth, instead of first, second and third as other prizes), equally divided across three universal age groups. Out. The organizers also awarded more prizes to the age of 50 to encourage the athletes’ spirit and efforts.

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