Development of the piece is the most important principle in chess, but there are still many other issues players should be wary of.

Opening chess

The first three principles all emphasize one point, which is military development, according to the video Because the most important advice in chess is to make the most of your pieces.

The remaining principles are not to move a piece twice in the opening, cast up early, do not post-battle early, think about enemy threats, develop troops with a clear purpose and link the two vehicles. .

Beginners who learn to play chess need to pay attention to these principles, understand the purpose of the openings. And the players will memorize many openings to deal with the opponent, and reduce the calculation time in the first countries. Follow Oxford Companion, there are 1,327 named stubs and variants of it.

But the rules are not always followed. A prerequisite is to analyze the danger posed by the opponent’s move. If the opponent makes a mistake, we can break the rules to punish them.

Xuan Binh

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