The qualifying round of recruiting young football talents kicked off in Tien Giang on April 24, allowing the children to explore their internal strengths and come close to the dream of the pitch.

On April 24, the football talent selection qualifying round – the cooperation program between Red Bull and HAGL – will take place in Tien Giang. The organizers expect that with a positive energy source, hundreds of local young strikers will be aroused internal strength, show their bravery, play their best to continue to the next round.

“The more difficult, the greater the internal strength”

The path to professional football is not easy, but internal strength and positive energy can help players overcome all challenges and conquer passion.

With talents aged 15-20, the journey to realize the dream of a grass field is somewhat more difficult. The professional playground is like a narrow door when most of the selection focuses on the 11-15 age group, which is considered the “golden” age for training. Therefore, many teenagers, despite their passion, only stop at the potential or are waiting to be explored.

Many young people aged 15-20 face difficulties when pursuing a football career.

Many young people aged 15-20 face difficulties when pursuing a football career.

Besides, family and economic barriers make many strikers “lose fire” when thinking about the way ahead. Because not all parents are willing to support their children in the digital shorts career and not all families have enough financial resources for their children to attend professional training classes.

Therefore, the selection of football talent for the age of 15-20, as done by Red Bull and HAGL, is seen as a timely encouragement and a positive source of new energy to arouse the internal strengths of the talent .

For the first time on the field as a professional player, participating in professional and technical challenges or asserting bravery in brainstorming matches, the national selection on April 24 is the “door” to help young people come. close to the dream pitch.

A burst of positive energy on April 24

The talent selection program of Red Bull and HAGL Club will kick off in Tien Giang. Candidates are divided into 3: 3 and 5: 5 fighting teams, 3 minutes each match. The most breakthrough player has the opportunity to compete in the final in Ho Chi Minh City in June. In the final, 16 contestants from the provinces divided into opposing teams.

The selective partnership between Red Bull and HAGL Club offers the opportunity to professional football for young talents.

The selective partnership between Red Bull and HAGL Club offers the opportunity to professional football for young talents.

Overcoming all physical and mental limits to come to the selection, young talents not only have the opportunity to show their talents but also find answers to questions of future careers. The drastic dribbles or dramatic matchups are what they are most looking forward to at this moment.

Practicing actively for the upcoming qualifying round, Thien Minh (18 years old, Tien Giang) said: “I am counting down every day waiting for the moment I can play hard with my friends. Whether you win or lose, you will. proud of giving myself the opportunity to do something breakthrough for my passion “.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Huan – General Director of Vietnam TCPV Company Limited, which owns the Red Bull brand name – commented: “Through the program, we want to add positive energy to arouse inner strength of each talent. young people, exploiting your great strength both physically and mentally.With the journey of selecting football talents, Red Bull wants young people to boldly conquer challenges, pursue their passion, thereby Arouse the internal strength of future players “.

Van Phat

The Red Bull brand, a subsidiary of TCPVN, accompanies with Hoang Anh Gia Lai Football Club to launch a program to select young football talents. Through qualifying rounds in 5 provinces, cities and finalists in Ho Chi Minh City, at least one and at most 4 contestants with the best performance are allowed to participate in formal training and training corresponding to their age. at HAGL. At the end of the 4-month training course, they had the opportunity to sign a contract with Hoang Anh Gia Lai Football Club. See details here or call hotline1900-969674.

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