AmericaBy video, Tiger Woods reviews good memories and wishes his colleagues well at the closing event of the PGA Tour season in Atlanta starting today, September 2.

Yesterday, Woods tweeted a 58-second video that featured bunkers closing shots, a steep long-range putt that won him the 2007 and 2018 Tour Championships, and even footage of professional rugby star Larry Fitzgerald and the press. even watched Woods record the eagle over the phone.

Tiger Woods reviews his old friend before the Tour Championship

In 11 hours, it attracted more than 233,000 views, 9,400 “Likes”.

“Good luck to everyone this week at the closing event. I have many good memories on East Lake”, “Super Tiger” message with the video.

Woods is still recovering from a broken right leg in a traffic accident in February. Late last month, he showed up in Los Angeles with good signs – wearing socks on his injured leg, walking on crutches by himself outside a hotel in the Beverly Hills area.

He can reunite with the top golf world as the host of Hero World Challenge in December 2021.

Over 25 years on the PGA Tour, Woods won 15 majors in a record 82 titles, including three Tour Championships. The first time on the Champions field in Houston, in 1998 – sophomore year. The next two times – 2007 and 2018 – were on the East Lake field.

Woods has won the Tour Championship three times.  Photo: USA Today

Woods has won the Tour Championship three times. Photo: USA Today

When he won the 2007 Tour Championship, he also won the inaugural FedEx Cup. But when Woods was crowned at East Lake three years ago, the full-season title went to Justin Rose. From 2019, the PGA Tour applies “Entry Points” to the Tour Championship to solve the inadequacy – win the closing event but may not win the FedEx Cup.

This period, Patrick Cantlay thanks to the top of the FedEx Cup table will start with a score of -10. Haven’t fought, but Cantlay is two strokes from second place – Tony Finau. After that, the advantage will be “one stroke down” to the top 5 peg. After this group, each segment of five players will be one stroke apart until even par – group 26-30.

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