Not winning the event in Orlando over the weekend, but Tiger Woods is still extremely happy with the moments of fun with his son Charlie.

“Golf is fun. We are also having fun together,” said Woods of attending a only 20 major or The Players Championship event with a prize pool of $ 1,085 million.

On December 20, Woods and Charlie, 11, received $ 47,000 for seventh place at -20 points, five points behind the home team Thomas, including Justin Thomas and his father Mike – won the championship with $ 200,000. It is a failure, if you count the achievements and consider the level of the American golfer. But Woods – which owns 15 major on a record 82 PGA Tour titles – doesn’t think so.

Woods plays the game, enjoying every moment with his son playing at the PNC Championship.  Photo: AP

Woods appreciates, enjoying every moment with his son playing at the PNC Championship. Image: AP

“My father’s experience in this tournament can not be described in words, because of all the memories for life,” Woods concluded at the conclusion of the PNC Championship. That day, Elin Nordegren – ex-wife, and daughter Sam also came to cheer for Woods and Charlie.

“It was a pure golf game, and only me and the boy went into our own world. Even with caddy and son Joe LaCava, we enjoyed our own world as we intended,” said Woods with a trembling voice in front of the camera. media in Orlando.

Father and son Tiger Woods swung identical sticks

The son reappeared like Woods on the field.

Woods greeted the pitch with a ball and excited the audience from near and far, because Charlie resembled a superstar father from swing to form on the pitch. In the match, both uniforms with purple and black pants for the first day, red shirt and black pants for the last day – the brand identity factor of the American superstar in each finish in the top arena.

When he performed with his father for the first time, Charlie showed the quality of a family, with his first eagle in the “adult prize”, twice creating his own chance and both a birdie, so good kicking that Woods did not need to stay. Four holes and then barely over the level with the Thomas family.

PNC Championship consists of 36 holes on the par72 court, stroke play in a scramble format. In this mode, the two team members both tee off, then choose the best position for the next shot until the hole is closed.

In the final round, the Woods team scored two eagles, seven birdies and one bogey. Those two eagles were both from Charlie’s kick and onto Woods’ green. After a three-meter strike to get a 10-hole birdie, Charlie hooked his fist to celebrate – genuine Tiger style.

iger Woods instructs Charlie Woods to play golf

Charlie hooked his fist to celebrate the birdie in the same style as Tiger Woods.

“Amazing Charlie. He’s as skilled as the Medalist. It’s like in his own world,” Woods said of his son’s courage on the Orlando pitch.

Two days of competition, Charlie played in the presence of about 200 field spectators quarantined Covid-19 and millions of US television viewers. Woods reminded his son that it was no different and not be complacent. “Whether it’s on a small scale like playing by yourself or adding a few people for entertainment to the tournament or millions of followers from afar, nothing will change. From point A to point B. Charlie is learning that and will keep making progress, “he said.

In ancient times, Woods was led by Father Earl to golf under a philosophy of arousing passion. Today, he applies the same thing to Charlie. “Dad never forced me to play golf,” said Woods about his personal “career” attitude. “The key is how you receive the moments on the course. Charlie can do whatever he wants, golf or not. As long as he is happy. And now he is.”

Over the past few months, Charlie has achieved remarkable achievements in children’s tournaments in Florida. In August, the youngest Woods won the nine-hole competition at an event of the US Kids Golf tournament system. At that time, Woods was a caddy, while Charlie hit 33 strokes and won the championship at -3.

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