The women’s volleyball team Vinh Phuc aims to be promoted in the 2021 season, after escaping poverty thanks to a new sponsor.

Vinh Phuc Women's Volleyball Club in the launching ceremony of the new sponsor on February 5.

Vinh Phuc Women’s Volleyball Club in the launching ceremony of the new sponsor on February 5.

Vinh Phuc women’s volleyball team was established in October 2007. Eight years later, the team participated in the national championship for strong teams. However, due to relying mainly on state budget funds, the team was unable to compete with corporate-sponsored rivals, so it fell to National A Division.

However, the economic problem of Vinh Phuc women’s volleyball was solved when Bamboo Airways joined the sponsorship in early 2021. The team, therefore, aims to win promotion right back this year, and to be in the top 8 at the tournament. strong national teams 2022.

“This is a happy day for the Vinh Phuc women’s volleyball team. With investors, the team will have the funds to increase training equipment, have conditions for training, rubbing competitions. The spirit of the athletes will also be good. more when life is guaranteed “, coach Nguyen Hong Quyet excitedly shared in the sponsorship signing ceremony on February 5.

“We will participate in the transfer, have new quality contracts, follow the trend of professional volleyball. But in the long term, if we want to be a strong and sustainable team, we must have a training system. Good young people, take care of the supply of quality players for themselves “, Mr. Hong Quyet added.

According to the new sponsor’s roadmap, from 2023 to 2030, Vinh Phuc women’s volleyball will train three lines, the first team, the young and talented team. The team will compete in both national strong teams, international tournaments as well as national youth tournaments. Besides, the goal is to have athletes selected for the Vietnamese volleyball team.

The women’s volleyball team in Vinh Phuc currently has four coaches and 20 athletes.

Lam Thoa

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