At least six golfers, including Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson, hit the specially designed hole locator at the recently concluded major.

In golf, thanks to chess, players will know the position of the hole and the accuracy of getting on the green is directly proportional to the chance of a good score. But if the handle is larger than normal, it becomes an easy target to hit, thereby putting the golfer in a difficult position. This is reality at the US Open at South Torrey Pines in San Diego from June 17 to June 20.

Jon Rahm chips the ball into the hole in the second round of the US Open on June 18.  Photo: Reuters

Jon Rahm chips the ball into the hole in the second round of the US Open on June 18. Image: Reuters

The hole marking flag at the 121st tournament was made of fiberglass with the base larger than the top. However, inside it is the problem. According to a spokesman for the American Golf Association (USGA) – the owner of the tournament, the flag’s base diameter is at 9.525 mm and the top is 19.05 mm. Meanwhile, the PGA Tour flag has the same material but has a uniform diameter of 12.7 mm.

USGA ordered from Par Aide company. The manufacturer describes such a design parameter to ensure that the flag is visually stable. However, the “trap” is hidden in that solidity. Because physically, the ball flies farther when it encounters a thicker rolling wall.

On the penultimate day, McIlroy and Garcia were both entangled in the 13th and par5 holes but with different outcomes. At this stage, McIlroy used a wooden stick to hit the green on the second shot while Garcia used an iron on the fourth. After impact, McIlroy’s ball flew to the left, near the edge of the hole.

McIlroy caught the flag in the 13th hole of the penultimate round of the US Open 2021 Open

And Garcia stood still, laughing and looking at the shadow “return to suffering”.

The ball hit the unlucky column of Sergio Garcia

McIlroy then birdie, Garcia double bogey.

On the opening day, Phil Mickelson went from the fairway on hole 13 to the green but the ball hit the flag and hit the rough rough grass to the left of the hole. The American player then chip in and swipe from 1.5 meters to record bogey.

On the same day, British golfer Tyrrell Hatton also beat the flag at the opening hole. But he was luckier than Mickelson because after impact, the ball was 6.4 meters from the target. From this position, Hatton scored a birdie.

Kevin Na looks like Hatton on hole 3, par3. After the hole hit the flag, Na’s ball flew off the green, nearly 18 meters away. Martin Laird as well as Na when on the green of hole 10 but better – 10 meters away. Both are par holes.

Latest golf rules – 2019 version allows golfers to leave or remove the flag from the hole when putting the ball. In this respect, withdrawing or not depends on the flag type. Because, in addition to hitting the green, the size and thickness of the rolling wall also have the ability to affect putting results through the coefficient of physical reaction – hitting a harder object will send it farther. Therefore, when the flag is still in the hole, the risk of the ball flying out will be higher if it entered but accidentally hit a thicker locator.

So Bryson DeChambeau, who is good at math and physics, has been tweaking his putt habits over the past two years. He can hold the flag in the hole on the PGA Tour, but the US Open major can’t.

US Open 2021 ends with the championship and $ 2.25 million belongs to Jon Rahm at -6.

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