Double check is considered the most powerful strategy in chess, when it forces the opponent king to move.

Strategy and strategy chess

Video on the word Outline basic strategies and strategies for chess players after learning the moves. Strategy accounts for 90% of the value in chess, but strategy is the springboard for detecting combination attacks.

The most common is a double catch, which involves moving one piece to attack at least two of your opponent’s pieces at the same time. However, this attack is only effective when the opponent cannot capture our troops.

Next is the pin. The advantage of this attack is that when we attack, the opponent’s unit cannot or should not move because it will lose more important pieces. The opposite is a oblique attack. That is when we attack a valuable piece, forcing the opponent to move so that we then capture another.

However, the strongest is still the double beam. Meanwhile, our two troops at the same time checked the enemy king. With no other choice, the opponent had to run away from the checkpoint because he could not block both lines at the same time or destroy both projections.

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