Dragon Tiger Also known as Dragon Tiger is a trend that many brothers choose and participate in today. Not only saves time, and the odds of winning are also very high. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards. However, not everyone is knowledgeable about this game, especially novices. In this article, together 12bet We learn more details about this online game!

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What is Dragon Tiger game?

Dragon Tiger is one of the types of card games with another name is Dragon Tiger. This game originated from the country of Cambodia. This type of card game for money has very attractive gameplay. Therefore, it is used in many casinos in Asia as well as extremely loved by brothers everywhere.

Dragon Tiger online is like any other card game when using a 52-card deck. However, with this game, people use 6 to 8 decks of cards and no jokers. During the game, the brothers do not have to fight the dealer like in other games. Instead, your job is to find the Dragon side or the Tiger side with the higher score.

What is Dragon Tiger?  Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger at 12bet

Dragon Tiger is a card game with another name is Dragon Tiger

If you know how to play Baccarat, the chance of winning from Dragon Tiger is very high. Because these two games have quite similar features. However, the rules of the game are easy to understand and the gameplay is easier.

Basic rules to play Dragon Tiger

After having grasped the concepts dragon tiger, You need to have knowledge of rules and how to play. This will help you not to make unfortunate mistakes, lost money during the participation process.

For the rules of the dragon tiger game, before starting, you have to wager on either the Dragon or the Tiger Gate to win. After that, the dealer’s Dealer proceeds to deal cards to all players. The winner is the person with the highest card.

In the case of both the Dragon Gate and the Tiger Gate, the score will be drawn. At the same time, the player will lose half of the bet amount. The Ace card in Dragon Tiger is considered a low card.

What is Dragon Tiger?  Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger at 12bet

Dragon tiger game rules are quite simple

Here are some of the bet types you can choose from. As follows:

  • Draw bet: In the event that the two Dragon and Tiger cards are equal, the odds of winning this hand are 1: 8. This means if you bet 1 you will win 8 from the dealer.
  • Dragon Bets:Bet on Dragon’s door to win
  • Tiger bet: Bet on Tiger’s win
  • Big bet: Also known as “big bet”. Accordingly, the player will bet the total number of points in the card is greater than 7. Including: 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, there will be victory.
  • Small bets: is the form in which you choose to bet the sum of the points of the cards less than 7. Including A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 will win.
  • Suit bet: Participants bet the same number of points, the odds of winning are 2: 1. Winning will receive 8 times the amount wagered.

How to play Dragon Tiger online at 12bet

Now, the brothers are not only entertaining but also satisfy their passion for the Dragon Tiger game from the house 12bet. How to play is very simple, you just need to follow the 3 steps below to start the experience!

Step 1: Register and sign in to your account

Before starting the game, you need to register for an account at the dealer. The way is very simple, you just need to visit the 12Bet homepage. Then, select the “Register” item on the upper right corner of the screen.

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Next, a system table will appear, you fill in the necessary information. Note must be entered in the box with an asterisk. Finally click TO SEND. Thus, you were able to start to experience very attractive games at the 12Bet house.

12bet registration

12bet registration information sheet

In case, you already have an account of the dealer before, go to 12Bet homepage, choose login. Then enter the username and password is complete. Note, however, that your computer or phone needs to be connected to a stable internet connection. Thus, you will not be interrupted during the participation process!

Step 2: Choose the game Dragon Tiger online

After successfully logging in to your account, at the home page of the 12bet dealer, you click on ONLINE CASINO, then choose any casino at 12bet.

What is Dragon Tiger?  Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger at 12bet

Then you choose the game DRAGON TIGER It’s the Dragon Tiger game

What is Dragon Tiger?  Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger at 12bet

Step 3: Place a bet

Brothers will start betting the desired amount on the Dragon or Tiger door. However, it should be noted in the account that there must be a certain amount of capital. If you are a new member or your account has zero balance, proceed to top up your card. In case the balance is greater than 0, you can skip this step!

Some experience playing Dragon Tiger online you should know

Not only do you know the basic rules of the game, you need to give yourself some experience when participating Dragon Tiger online. That way the chance of winning will be highest. Here are some tips that many players recommend when playing at the 12bet dealer!

1 / Select a reputable dealer

The first job to start participating in the experience is that you need to choose a reputable dealer. There are many online game providers on the market. However, this makes the brothers confused to find the most trusted address.

Moreover, not all bookmakers are sure to be safe for brothers while playing. If you are not careful, you run the risk of being scammed with fake addresses and without a legitimate license to operate. Furthermore, the ability to mediate matches to trick players is also very likely to happen.

What is Dragon Tiger?  Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger at 12bet

Choose a reputable dealer when participating

And one of the addresses you can not ignore is the 12Bet dealer. You can feel secure about the security of information. At the same time, this is the house with a legitimate license to operate. Moreover, the games at 12bet are extremely attractive and the odds are varied to give you many options. Surely this will be a very interesting experience for you!

2 / Keep mentality stable

Many players are in a hurry to lose their opportunities. Not just in Dragon Tiger but also card games in general. Psychology is a very important factor that affects a lot when participating. If you are not persistent with your choices and are influenced by things around you, victory will be very difficult for you.

Instead, always keep yourself in a stable spirit. At the same time, believe in yourself and have the courage to make your bets. If all of these things you can do, don’t worry. Your job is to calculate carefully, bet confidently and wait for the result.

3 / Observe the dealer’s cards

Observing the dealer’s dealings is also one of the important factors that you cannot ignore. When entering the match, you should not place bets immediately without specific analysis and strategy. Instead, spend your time observing how the dealer deals. At the same time follow the rules of the appearance of the pieces.

It is recommended that you take notes to familiarize yourself with the deal and make the best predictions. When you have found the rules and how to play that suits you, start betting. Your chances of winning will definitely be very high.

4 / How to choose the door placed when playing dragon tiger

According to the players in the game Dragon Tiger then you should not choose the Hoa door to place. Based on statistics, the draw probability is very low, accounting for only 12.5% ​​of the entire hand.

Because the winning rate of Hoa is very low, so you should only pay money, not even for this door. Moreover, if you are not alert, you will easily lose all the capital you have. Pay close attention, find out the rule to bet on the other 2 Dragon and Tiger doors!

What is Dragon Tiger?  Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger at 12bet

Choose a reputable dealer when participating

5 / Take advantage of promotions

Taking advantage of the promotions is one of the experiences that you cannot ignore when participating dragon tiger online. This form is how the bookmakers attract players as well as create competition with each other. Accordingly, almost every game will have deposit incentives and a percentage bonus. Or maybe a refund.

If you are a “newcomer”, the promotions will get huge. Therefore, take advantage of these opportunities because the money will help you a lot during the process of joining. At the same time bring very high profits. Moreover, having more money in your account also means your chances of wagering and winning will be higher. The more you top up, the higher the rate you will receive the incentives.

However, remember to carefully check the claim conditions to receive the offer. Specifically, the target audience, the time and the benefit of each program, it is easy to understand that not all promotions are the same. At the same time, the bookmakers will also offer a lot of conditions.

6 / There is a limit to play

When participating in online games, the more you win, the more eager you will be. However, you should know how to stop at the right time. Furthermore, when the bet is profitable, you should stop. Luck definitely won’t follow you forever in the game. You need to make a plan for yourself to participate. Choose the appropriate amount for each hand and do not exceed that amount. So, if you lose, you still retain a certain amount of capital for yourself.


The above article has provided you with some information about the game Dragon Tiger online. At the same time, share some effective play experiences from previous players. Hope you have pocketed yourself the useful information. Wish you have moments of comfortable relaxation and satisfy your passion!

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