Online football betting This is the most popular form of betting today when participating in sports betting. However, in order to increase your chances of winning when betting, you need to choose for yourself football rafters. This gives you a higher chance of winning with a better odds of winning. And 12betviet Find out specifically about the fragrant rafters in football, how to recognize and the most accurate selection experience.

What is fragrant stick?

Fragrant ice cream or good football odds are used to refer to the best bets in the table of odds that the house offers. This is the type of bet that you absolutely must choose when participating in betting on football matches. Because it has a high payout ratio and helps you increase your chances of winning. In other words, the ability to eat better bets than other markets in the rafters table.

What is football betting?

Football betting is the most likely to bring you the highest probability of winning.

For the people who play professional football betting, the identification, analysis and selection of the fragrant rafters play a very important role. Because it can bring players winnings with the best and delicious bets. At the same time avoid the “coupons” (bets with a high probability of losing) from the bookies. Therefore, football betting is what players are always looking for instead of choosing emotional odds.

How to identify the most accurate fragrance?

Although it has the ability to give players a high chance of winning, fragrant bets do not always appear. The frequency of occurrence of this type of rafters is very little, only about once a week or slightly more. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the fragrant odds in football. Players need to consider choosing the right best bet to have a chance to win big bets. At the same time avoid failure when participating in betting.

How to recognize the fragrant odds when betting on football

Good bets rarely appear, so you must have experience to recognize when betting.

Below 12bet provides you with some experience to identify and choose the best bet when participating in football betting to ensure high accuracy. These are certain betting experiences you must know when participating in the game.

1/ Identify the fragrant bet through the odds ratio, time

The simplest way to identify a good bet in football is that you rely on the odds and the time the house gives the bet. Here are a few cases you should consider choosing football rafters suitable.

– Choose the top or home team when the bookie offers the odds European bets leaning towards the door the two teams tie. Meanwhile with Handicap then increase to 1/4.

– Choose the away team or the underdog team in case of any fluctuations in the odds. That is, when the odds are pulled down from 1/4 to 0. At the same time, the winnings increase with the corresponding final bet of 1/4.

– Choose to hit the home team if the team is stronger and has a high ranking on the away table. The handicap offered by the house is 1/2, the odds of winning when the bet wins is 0.925. Besides, the strong team’s handicap is quite heavy but not changed by the house.

– In case the team with a high ranking on the rankings is holding the bet -3/4. Along with that is the Odds that the house offers is 0.8 continuously for a long time. It is best at this time you should choose to bet on the other team because this is a good deal.

– If you bet the bottom team and the top team will play against each other. In case the handicap team is too heavy, it will start from 1 and then gradually decrease to 3/4 within 3 hours before the official match kicks. At the same time, the percentage of winnings increases 30 minutes before the match According to professional players’ football betting experience, the top team (high ranked team) is facing a disadvantage. It is best to choose low-ranked underdogs.

– Choose the home team when the football team with the higher ranking has to play away. The house handicap offered at this time is 3/4 with Odds odds when winning bets of 0.85 or more. At the same time, this ratio decreases continuously before kicking within 4 hours. But 30 minutes before the two teams played, the odds of winning the bet suddenly increased.

2/ Identify the fragrant rafters with Asian and European rafters

There are two popular types of bets in football betting for you. That is the Asian handicap (also known as the Handicap or handicap bet). Along with that is the European market (also known as 1X2). You can rely on these two types of rafters to identify football rafters.

– In case both Asian and European odds decrease. According to the experience of the betting experts, that match the home team usually wins according to the European odds and the Asian bet gets 1 left.

In addition, you should note that at this time, the bottom line is constantly flashing with the odds changing rapidly in the direction of increasing. This is when the house is trying to balance the odds to lure players, so you need to be very careful to avoid falling into the trap.

– If Asian rafters increase little or are trending down. At the same time, before the match between the two teams was held about 1 hour or 30 minutes, there was no drastic change. You can rest assured to bet because this is a safe bet for you when betting on football.

How to recognize football odds

The Asian and European bets are the basis for choosing the fragrant rafters at the house.

3/ Identify football odds based on teams and tournaments

Leagues or teams play an important role in football betting. Or choose fragrant rafters to play in betting. Therefore, observing the teams or tournaments to have a good bet is something that players need to pay close attention to.

– If two teams are about to play against each other relatively evenly, that is, there is not much difference in formation, strength or class. At the same time this is a derby or two rival teams. That’s a good football bet for you. Because of these matches, the house is less likely to interfere with the outcome of the match. Or it is difficult to have a match because the two teams are playing for honor, because of the colors of the flags. You are completely assured when placing bets on the house offers.

– Choose the away team if that match the two teams are standing at the top positions of the rankings. Along with that, the house offers handicap odds of the away team handicap 1/2.

– Should choose football betting with big-name tournaments such as English Premier League, Laliga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Champion League, Euro, World cup or some other tournament. Because in these tournaments, the big matches are usually safer. At the same time, the World Football Federation (FIFA) noticed and many people were interested, so it was difficult to arrange the results. It is best not to choose minor leagues or leagues with no name.

Tips for identifying football odds

Should choose major football tournaments to ensure the most peace of mind when betting.

4/ Check the house for details

Football betting is an activity that players participating in football betting or sports betting cannot ignore. This is the way to catch the football rafters effective. Usually, bookies often offer different handicaps for players to choose from.

Your task is to analyze, evaluate and choose the most appropriate bets. This can increase the odds of winning when betting. At the same time avoid the bets (lose bets) that the house offers.

5/ Choose the right bet at the right time

Right time, right time always brings good results in every case. Therefore, an experience in choosing a fragrant bet is to choose the right bet at the right time. According to betting experts, you should bet 4 to 5 hours before the match is held. Because the closer the time is, the more likely the odds are to fluctuate. You should constantly observe whether there are strong odds from the house to change the most reasonable betting strategy.

How to choose a football match?

Should bet and choose the betting odds at the right time.

6/ Bet on the best, balanced and most suitable markets

An experience of playing football fragrant rafters is to choose the same, balanced matches. That is, depending on your strength to fight. Don’t see other people hit big, but you hit big as well. Because if you do not calculate carefully to lose the bet, you can go empty-handed. Therefore, you should choose the odds that are balanced and suitable for your capital. Avoid hitting all hands or hitting too hard that may have consequences.

In addition, careful selection of football matches, balance and football odds can help you increase your winning rate higher. Don’t just focus on high odds bets and ignore small but safe bets. Because the high Odds ratio comes with a reduced chance of winning and less safe for your bets. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the bets that the two teams are evenly matched to bet when they do not have much experience.

7/ Do not ignore the actual situation of the teams when betting

One more note to get you football rafters When participating in betting it is you should see everything realistically. Do not trust too much and put your full trust in the bookies. Because the outcome of a match does not depend only on the top or bottom team, the strong team or the weak team. It also depends on the actual situation of the two teams. For example, the health situation, injuries of the players, match weather, competitive spirit or tactics of the coach, etc.

How to choose a fragrant bet in football

The performance and actual situation of the teams is something you need to keep in mind when choosing a bet.

Therefore, when looking for a good match, do not ignore these factors. You must learn and analyze in detail the specific situation of the teams before placing a bet. Don’t bet because you see good odds while that team has a lot of problems.

8/ Only play at the leading reputable bookmakers cái

Currently, there are many different football bookmakers you can choose from when participating in the game. However, you should only choose reputable bookmakers. They have specific licenses, operate transparently, have good odds, deposit and withdraw quickly. At the same time, secure player information and be trusted by many betting players.

Dealer 12bet is the leading football betting house in Asia today. Not only providing a variety of betting odds for you with high odds. 12bet also has bonus policies and regular big promotions for players. Along with that is the ability to deposit and withdraw money simply and quickly with many different methods, beautiful betting game interface.

How to choose a football match at the house 12bet

12bet is a reputable football betting house with the participation of a large number of players.

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9/ Update sports news regularly

The difference between a professional football bettor and a novice is in the ability to read football news or sports news. They do not ignore football newspapers, news websites or quality football bulletins with information about tournaments, teams or players.

Experience choosing a football match kèo

Do not skip reading or watching sports news from experts before betting.

It helps a lot when participating in betting. Especially the match judgment of the experts, the situation of the force. Or the weaknesses, strengths and head-to-head history of the two teams. This is the basis to help you compare and determine the correct bet.


It can be seen that football rafters plays a very important role when betting on football today. It can make you get huge bonuses when participating in online betting. Hopefully, the above article of 12bet helps you understand the details of what the fragrant bet is. Along with how to recognize this extremely valuable bet in football. Do not ignore participating in betting right at the house 12bet to receive regular good bets with the best odds.

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