Odds odds is the concept used to reflect the chance, the probability of the outcome of a certain match. For those involved in betting long time surely no stranger to this term. However, “new soldier” will be quite surprised. So What is Odd and how to see details and details? And 12Bet Find out through the article below!

What are Odds Odds?

Odds odds It is the odds that the participant will receive when they win a match at the house. The bookie offers these Odds odds to attract the attention of the brothers to join. At the same time hitting the gates of the match is already available through prediction of the outcome for profit. Along with that is the commission difference on the European handicap, the Asian handicap, Big Handicap,….

This rate is set by the bookmakers in many different formats. From there, brothers will choose for themselves a type to bet and pay. However, participants need to understand and understand how to charge. That way, the best choice can be made.

What are the odds & how to view the odds at 12bet

Odds are the odds that the participant receives when they win

Basic Odds Types at 12bet

To get the best results when participating soccer betting onlineYou need to grasp the kinds of odds Odds are. Currently, 12bet supports 5 different types of odds:

1 / Hong Kong odds

Hong Kong Odds is also known by another name Hong Kong odds. This bet has originated from European Odds. However, there are some differences as follows:

  • Hong Kong odds only include the participant’s winnings
  • Format with a value greater than 0.00

The amount the player wins is calculated by the formula:

=> Earnings = Stake + (stake x Hong Kong Odds)

+ Take an example for you easy to imagine. With Hong Kong odds of 0.90 and you bet 100,000 VND, you will win the specific amount as follows:

=> Received = 100,000 + (100,000 x 0.90) = 190,000 VND.

+ Example 2: Hong Kong odds are 1.05 Where you bet 100,000 VND. After you win, the amount you will receive will be:

Income = 100,000 + (100,000 x 1.05) = 205,000 VND.

2 / Indonesian Odds

One of the odds you need to pay attention to when betting is the Indonesian Odds. This is the odds ratio converted from Hong Kong odds. In the case of Hong Kong odds greater than 1.00, the Indonesian Odds will be placed the same as the Hong Kong Odds. Accordingly, the calculation method of each case will not be the same:

+ In case of Indonesian Odds is a positive number

For Indonesian Odds that are a positive number when the winner is won, the amount you will receive will be: Return = Stake + (Stake X Odds)

=> If you lose, all your friends bet on that game will be lost.

+ The case of Indonesian Odds is negative

For Indonesian Odds which are negative numbers, when you win the bet, the amount you will receive will be calculated according to the formula:

=> Earnings = Stakes + (Stakes / | Odds |)

For example: When the Indonesian Odds is -1.25 and the amount you bet on that game is 200,000 VND. If there is victory, the amount you get will be 200,000 + (200,000 / | -1.25 |) = 360,000 VND.

In case of a loss, you will lose the entire bet amount.

3 / American Odds

American odds, also known as American Odds, are also calculated based on Hong Kong odds. In case the Hongkong is less than 1.00, the American Odds formula will be = -1 / Hong Kong odds

Eg odds American Odds is 0.78, the formula will be given: -1 / 0.78 = -1.28

What are Odds & How to view Odds at 12bet

American odds are also known as American Odds

4 / Decimal Odds

European odds are also known by its familiar name as the Decimal Odds. This is one of the types of odds that you will often see appear in football betting because these odds will have some of the following characteristics:

  • Display includes the participants’ stakes and winnings at the house.
  • Decimal Odds always have a value of 1.00
  • European odds apply to 1 × 2 bets, parlays and exact score bets, …

When you place a bet and win, the amount you receive will be calculated according to the specific formula as follows:

=> Earnings = Stake x European Odds

+ Wallet example: You bet the amount of 100,000 coins and win with odds of 1.05. The money formula is calculated as follows:

=> Received = 100,000 x 1,05 = 105,000 VND.

5 / Malay Odds (Malay Odds)

Malay or Malay Odds are displayed including both your stake and brother’s winnings when playing. Accordingly, the Odds format will have 2 cases that occur when money is positive or negative.

+ Calculate money by positive numbers

In the case of positive numbers, if the winner is won, the calculation formula is as follows:

=> Earnings = Stake + (Stake x Malay Odds)

+ For example: If the odds of the Odd Malay are 0.9 and you bet the stake is 100,000 dong. When you win your bet, your return will be: Proceeds = 100,000 + (100,000 x 0.9) = 190,000 VND.

However, if you lose, the brothers will lose all the money they bet on that game.

What are Odds & How to view Odds at 12bet

Malay odds show both bet amount and win amount

+ Calculate money by Odds of Negative numbers

There are differences in the formula for calculating Odds of negative numbers. In case you win, the proceeds will be calculated as follows:

=> Earnings = (Stakes X Malay Odds) + (Stakes X 1.00)

In the event of a losing bet, the amount will be refunded using the following formula: Losses = Stakes + (Malay Odds X Odds)

For example: Malay Odds is -0.77, your bet is 100,000 VND. So the refund is calculated as follows:

=> Losses = 100,000 + (100,000 x (-0.77)) = 100,000 – 77,000 = 23,000 VND.

According to the above formula, it can be seen that if you bet 100,000 VND, you will lose only 77,000 VND when you lose the bet.

Odds timing of odds

Odds odds There are also different stages. At the same time each point of the odds will have its own characteristics. If you want to bet, you need to know clearly to achieve the effect you want.

1 / Open Odds

Open Odds are the first and opening stages of the market. In major tournaments, Odds will be open a few weeks to a month in advance. For extra tournaments this will be from 1 to 3 days.

The house will be based on a number of different information such as force, performance, confrontation history, away team, weather factors, … From there they will offer the most appropriate odds.

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What are the odds & how to view the odds at 12bet

The Open Odds are the first opening of the market

2 / Live Odds

Live Odds are the period when odds tables are published. Usually about 1 day before the match. Moreover, this is the time when there are many people participating in the match. It is the responsibility of the dealer to adjust the odds for the best match as well as balance the bet amount.

3 / Odds Running Odds

Running Odds odds, at this point, the player’s money has entered a steady stage. Accordingly, the dealer will conduct Live Odds. At the same time the odds will also be run continuously during the 90 minutes of the ball rolling on the field.

Currently, most bookmakers offer players different types of betting. However, you need to choose a reputable address to join. 12Bet is the house that you cannot ignore. Come to 12Bet to experience extremely interesting moments with a ball!


The above article has provided you with some information about Odds odds as well as how to see the most details. Wish you guys choose the right odds and win the best!

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