Sports experts advise runner to focus on exercises for muscle, cardiovascular, central core … to increase endurance.

Whether running for a distance of 5 km, training for a semi-marathon or simply wanting to pass the HIIT exercise, the runner needs to focus on increasing endurance and improving fitness.  Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Whether running for a distance of 5 km, training for a semi-marathon or simply wanting to pass the HIIT exercise, the runner needs to focus on increasing endurance and improving fitness. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

According to the Runners World, There are two types of resistance training: heart and muscle. Sports followers can combine with running, cycling or swimming to increase endurance.

Coach Ashley Verma – founder of Define London Barre – says heart endurance is related to its ability to perform heart-focused activities (marathon, not sprint). Muscle endurance, meanwhile, is the muscle’s ability to function continuously or for long periods of time (deep planks or squats).

Experts emphasize that strengthening the cardiovascular system and muscle endurance can help the runner find it more convenient in exercise and daily activities. All activities from climbing stairs, picking up children to sitting properly at the desk … are also easier.

According to research published in the journal Breathe, increasing stamina is also beneficial for the runner in the last stage of a race or training. In fact, maintaining endurance can boost your metabolism and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Here are easy endurance methods:

Pay attention to muscle resistance exercises

When increasing resistance to body weight, resistance bands or barbells and dumbbells, coaches advise runners to shift focus from pure strength exercise (less than eight reps per set with heavy weights) or Increase muscle (8-12 reps with moderate weights) to muscle resistance exercise (12 or more sets with lighter weights). This causes muscles to stretch for longer, forging better endurance.

If you want to try fitness classes like cross training, runners can choose barre – similar to Yoga, Fitness, a combination of ballet, pilates and fitness. This method is often used as a warm-up in any type of dance, designed with practice around a railing or handrail. Barre movements require concentration, grasp music, help the body move smoothly, flexibly, and firm, neatly.

“Barre exercises challenge muscle endurance by holding the postures for long periods of time,” emphasizes Ashley Verma.

Strengthen cardio exercises

Female coach Gabi Garbarino – founder of Gabi’s Fitness Studio – advises runners to add cardio (short for “Cardiovascular”, related to cardiovascular exercise).

Gabi likes to combine dance squats, lunges, rock climbing and many short cardio exercises related to increased heart rate. These exercises not only train cardiovascular endurance, but also support the muscles to continue all activities, increasing endurance.

Practice interval

According to coach Sandrine Cassis – founder of Empowered Fitness, although regular cardio can help increase endurance, but in order to maintain full fitness and maximum efficiency, runners should practice intermittently. alternate exercises accordingly.

Difficult challenges should be done two to three times a week. Sandrine Cassis says: “You can do interval work, increase other challenges to push yourself. Alternate 40 seconds of exercise and 20 seconds of rest for 20 to 30 minutes. After a week or two, change the timing. time, try 45 seconds of exercise and 15 seconds of rest “.

Practice with music

According to the Runners World, sometimes music is possible Exciting runner and work out more effectively.

“Creating a good training environment is a way to motivate yourself to improve quickly,” says trainer and coach Michelle Kuhnreich.

Before that, a study on Ergonomic (or Human Factor – Ergonomics) – a specialization in analyzing the relationship between people and the work environment – showed that runner running on the treadmill increased volume and rhythm. music usually runs faster than if it is not playing.

“Not only faster, their running process is less heavy,” the expert emphasized.

Prioritize the core (core) of the body

The core area is also known as the core muscle group, located in the center of the body including the abdomen, hips, lower back and plays a role in helping the whole body to be stable, having enough strength and endurance during exercise, thereby supporting play develop muscles, improve posture.

According to coach Marlene Vale, founder of Marlene Vale Fitness, at the end of a jog, cycling or hiking, a healthy core can help keep the body from wasting energy, while also providing the foundation. Stabilizer assists runner against repetitive muscle contractions.

Marlene Vale recommends repeating core strengthening exercises (at least 15 times) such as push-ups (push-ups), planks, abdominal pressures …

Find a partner

People often say “if you want to hurry, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. Practicing with friends can help runnerr inspire each other and challenge both mental and physical limits.

Many studies show that exercising with a friend can help individuals persevere, enjoy, and less stress. These can help you achieve your long-term endurance goals.

Jiang Yi (According to the Runners World)

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