The prize is free to attend from 12 noon today, March 7, spreading the message of sharing difficulties with children affected by Covid-19.

The next campaign in the virtual running series of the V-Race platform continues to motivate athletes with the spirit of running for the community. Accordingly, the “Courageous Child Soldier” award spreads the spirit of love for children, especially those who are suffering many impacts from the epidemic.

In the past few days, the Covid-19 situation has been tense in all three regions. The image of children just a few years old having to go to concentrated isolation alone touched many people. Because there is no clear awareness of the danger of the epidemic, the children are still innocent and playful during the quarantine days.

In addition, the month of action for children with the theme “Joining hands to ensure the implementation of children’s rights, protecting children during natural disasters and epidemics” also called on the community to raise awareness about rights, protect and care for children affected by the pandemic.

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The form of virtual running is flexible, suitable for everyone.  Photo: Huu Khoa.

The form of virtual running is flexible, suitable for everyone. Image: Huu Khoa.

Every step of the athletes participating in the “Courageous Child Warrior” tournament will accompany them to overcome the immediate difficulties. The tournament is also an opportunity for people to set goals to practice running, improve health in the context of limited sports activities. The organizers encourage athletes to register in groups such as family, friends or agencies and organizations to create a running movement.

“Courageous child warrior” opens registration from 12 noon today, 3/7 until the end of 24/7. After selecting the distance and successfully registering, the runner can run immediately and record the results from 0:00 the next day. Each person has 21 days to work towards achieving their goals.

To participate, runners need to download and install the Strava app, then link to the V-Race virtual running platform here. Each person can choose one of the distances: 10km, 21km, 42km, 100km, 150km, depending on their fitness, training conditions and the desired level of challenge.

24 children in school

24 children from Le Loi Kindergarten (Bac Giang) had to be isolated at school during the recent epidemic. Image: Le Loi Kindergarten.

During the specified period of 21 days, the runner can run an unlimited number of times to accumulate enough registered distances with an average speed of 3 minutes/km to 12 minutes/km (equivalent to pace: 3:00). until 12:00). This is an oscillation that allows runners to walk when needed, suitable for those who are new to running.

The virtual race is not only aimed at individuals, running groups across the country can also register to participate in the collective category. The team’s achievements will be accumulated from the total distances done by each member.

Runner participating in V-Race’s campaign will receive an online certificate, an online medal (divided according to each registered distance) after completing the challenge.

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Thanh Duong

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