The prize brings a message of encouragement to the spirit of those who leave home, because the epidemic cannot welcome Tet with family and relatives.

“Reunion in your own way” is the next free virtual running tournament of the VRace virtual running tournament system published by the newspaper VnExpress organization. The tournament kicked off at the right time Covid-19 broke out strongly in the days near the New Year’s Eve.

Only in the past 8 days, the country recorded 366 new infections, mainly concentrated in Hai Duong and Quang Ninh. The expectation of a warm and peaceful Tet with many people has to be put aside. In particular, overseas Vietnamese, workers working in other provinces, are in danger of being unable to return home to celebrate Tet with their families and relatives.

A runner participating in the VnExpress Marathon Hue 2020 race. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

A runner participating in the VnExpress Marathon Hue 2020 race. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Free to join, “New Year reunion in your own way” means running for the community, encouraging people stuck in Covid-19. Through the running step of the marathon loving community across the country, the prize encourages everyone to promote self-awareness, improve health, so that a spring of reunification is not far away in everyone’s heart.

To participate in this virtual running event, runner access here to register, from 12 o’clock today, February 4.

Runner-up can start running from 0h00 the next day after registration. Results will be credited to each person within 21 days from the date of registration. Registration deadline February 18. The challenging distances will be suitable for runners who are just starting out to practice.

At the end of the prize, the runner will receive an electronic certificate, an electronic medal to save a beautiful memory of a practice journey this Tet. The organizers will update the results and announce them from March 11 to April 11.

Individuals or groups of runs can choose to run accumulation according to 4 distances: 14km, 34km, 63km, 97km. The average speed required is from 3 minutes / km to 12 minutes / km (pace 3:00 to 12:00). This is a speed suitable for even those in weak health, just starting to get used to running.

Athletes use Strava application to connect to VnExpress’s V-Race platform to record results. When completing the information registration on the V-Race page, players need to connect their accounts with Strava.

Besides V-Race, this year, VnExpress also organizes offline marathons in Hanoi, Quy Nhon and Ha Long with the scale of thousands of people each. Athletes can visit here to choose the venue and range that is suitable for themselves and their loved ones. The prizes are in the opening stage for sale with many offers.

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