Running lovers can buy Bib VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2021 from 8:30 this morning (February 2), with 50% discount when attending 2 consecutive seasons.

Athletes before the start time at VMHM 2020. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Athletes before the departure time at VMHM 2020. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Before opening the Super Early Bird ticketing gate on February 14, the second season of Hanoi night run tournament held a “Special Week” for early planners called “Jackfruit” – nickname of VnExpress Marathon Midnight, started at 8:30 this morning and lasted until February 9.

The week will last for 7 days until February 9, with a 30% discount for first time registrants, and 50% off second time athletes (using last season’s registration email). The price list before and after the preferential treatment at 4 distances as below:

Ticket type

Listed price

Players buy Bib for the first time
(30% off)

Players buy Bib
the second time
(sale 50%)

5 kilometres 270,000 189,000 135,000
10 km 540,000 378,000 270,000
21 km 650,000 453,600 324,000
42 km 810,000 567,700 405,000

* Unit: VND

Organizers noted “Jackfruit Week” is only available for private registration. After this period, athletes will be able to purchase official tickets to attend VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2021 from February 14 according to the table below.

Ticket type

Super Early Bird
February 14 – February 28

Early Bird
March 1 – March 31

1/4 – 11/10

October 12 – October 28

5 kilometres





10 km





21 km





42 km





* Unit: VND

The first large-scale night run competition VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight was organized by VnExpress online newspaper in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Hanoi. The first season in November last year left a strong impression on the community of people who love the sport of running. On the famous streets of the capital, more than 5,000 athletes together conquered 4 distances, starting at midnight.

Different from the bustle of the day, Hanoi at night is quiet, is a good time to feel the beauty of the familiar streets with houses, trees and unique architecture.

Trinh Quoc Luong finished first with a distance of 42 km at VMHM2020.  Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Trinh Quoc Luong finished first with a distance of 42 km at VMHM2020. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

This year, the tournament will return on the night of November 20 to the morning of November 21. This time Hanoi is early winter, cold weather, suitable for those who want to set up a new PR (personal record). In addition, the Organizing Committee offers a series of attractive side activities, inspiring athletes and spectators such as sponsor booth, opening night, food court, after-run relaxation.

The running track will have many prominent check-in points, enabling the photographer to capture the runner’s moment in the best way.

Thanh Duong

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