The largest night run tournament in Vietnam, VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight officially opened the ticketing gate today, with higher discounts for groups of over 100 people.

In the second organization, the tournament will take place on the night of November 20 and the morning of November 21. After the week of Rambutan 30 to 50% discount for early planners, the tournament officially opens the Super Early Bird ticketing gate today, February 14.

Fares for the current period and subsequent phases are below, gradually increasing towards the end to encourage early planning, plenty of time to practice regularly:

Ticket type Super Early Bird Early Bird Regular Late
5 kilometres 270,000 325,000 430,000 540,000
10 km 540,000 700,000 865,000 1,080,000
21 km 650,000 810,000 1,025,000 1,295,000
42 km 810,000 975,000 1,190,000 1,405,000

Unit: VND

To encourage large groups, the Organizing Committee increased the incentives for groups of over 100 people from 25 to 28% compared to listing in stages. The remaining three types of groups still maintain the same discount rate as the prizes in VnExpress Marathon system: 10 to 29 people, down 10%; 30 to 49 people, down 15%; 50 to 100 people off 20%.

Female athlete finishes at VM Hanoi Midnight 2020. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Female athlete finishes at VM Hanoi Midnight 2020. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

After a season of organizing, VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight (VMHM) attracted the attention of a large number of running lovers, from professional and semi-professional circles to those who had never put their feet on shoes. With the goal of building a Vietnamese running community, VMHM has a large number of awards with nearly 100 awards to increase the chance of “going to the podium”.

As for thousands of athletes, their biggest reward is conquering a professional running track, experiencing the night atmosphere of Hanoi through each step, feeling the beauty of the capital and thousands of fellow runner friends. onions.

Athletes can use a variety of facilities, care before, during and after the run of the Organizing Committee such as massage area, free food court, check-in area with professional photographers recording system. step by step through famous landmarks of Hanoi.

Review the running solution VMHM 2020.
Register to run VMHM 2021 here.

Nam Minh

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