The new set of logos expresses the dynamic spirit of the VnExpress Marathon running chain as well as the philosophy of serving the community.

This is the first time VnExpress Marathon changed its brand identity after launching the sports community in early 2019.

The new logo is a combination of two stacking red and yellow V shapes, the same phrase “VnExpress Marathon”. The idea of ​​the organizers is to convey youthfulness and freshness without missing modern style.

The inverted VM text block, in addition to visual effects showing stability, also creates an X – describing non-stop movement. The overall VM block makes the viewer think of strength, creating a breakthrough towards unceasing expansion.

Concept for logo development with two letters VM.

Concept for logo development with the two words “VM”.

The highlight in the detector is also in the combination of red and orange – two hot tones. In which, the red wine color is the symbolic color of VnExpress newspaper, showing the intrinsic strength and enthusiasm of program makers. Orange represents the enthusiasm – spirit of sports lovers. For those who have participated in the VnExpress Marathon experience, the orange color reflects the dawn light on the roads, bringing a sense of safety and hope.

“Through a new brand identity with a strong, enthusiastic and safe message, VnExpress Marathon aims to become a professional marathon system from organization to athlete scale, the highest philosophy is serving the community Many runners share that they choose VnExpress Marathon because of two factors: considerate to runners and constantly innovate. We will therefore try to create a unique, attractive highlight after each season “, added by the Organizing Committee.

Old and new VnExpress Marathon logo.

Old and new VnExpress Marathon logo.

The running-loving community has been familiar with the words “VnExpress Marathon” and the image of athletes passing the finish line on the distinctive blue logo. The new logo and slogan are the next step in the development of the running series.

Since its launch, the running system has landed in many localities such as Quy Nhon (2019, 2020), Hanoi (2020) and Hue (2021). Entering the third year, outside Hanoi (the night of November 20, the morning of November 21) and Quy Nhon (June 6), VnExpress Marathon will be held for the first time in Ha Long (August 1) and Nha Trang (19). / 9).

Thanh Duong

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