The Team Prize category at VM Hanoi Midnight attracted more large running groups such as Hoa Binh Park Runner, Halong Runners Club, Ultrain to compete.

Clubs and groups run until March 31 to register for the Teams category at VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight, which will take place on the night of November 20, the morning of November 21. More and more groups have finished the list to soon plan their practice, such as Hoa Binh Park Runners, Halong Runners Club or 88 Runners.

From Ho Chi Minh City, the Ultrain running team has finished preparing 20 core members to participate in the Team Challenge challenge at VM Hanoi Midnight.

Chi Hung, in charge of the team is a renowned Coach in the Saigon running community, used to be a coach for many movement legs. He said that the members participating in this tournament are all people who have had many achievements, are experienced Coaches or run many times standing podium, the trainees have excellent results. For example, Dao Thi Quynh Thoa, a member of the team twice won the First Age Award at VnExpress Marathon Hue and VM Quy Nhon.

Ultrain group ranked 1st in the Team relay race in HCMC

Ultrain team ranked 1st in the Team relay race in Ho Chi Minh City.

With careful preparation, Chi Hung still only set a modest goal of Top 5 for the team. According to him, unlike the individual tournament, the Team tournament depends more on the factor of chance. As long as one team member has a problem, the team’s performance will be affected. Before coming to VM Hanoi Midnight, Ultrain won the First prize of a relay team award in Ho Chi Minh City not long ago.

Hoa Binh Park Runners (HBPR), One of the major clubs in Hanoi has just closed the list of members participating in the Team. All 23 athletes possess good personal achievements. Five of these people are running full marathons in under 3 hours.

At VM Hanoi Midnight last year, Hoa Binh Park Runners with many names standing on the podium to receive awards such as Hoang Duc Huy and Bui Duc Long won 3, 4 years old, over 40, distance 42 km; Nguyen Phuong Thuy is second at the age of over 30 with a distance of 42km.

Members of Hoa Binh Park Runners.  Photo: HBPR.

Members of Hoa Binh Park Runners. Image: HBPR.

“The Hanoi night race this year brings together a lot of strong teams. Normally, the competition on the track is already high, now there are more team awards more attractive”, Mr. Hoang Duc Huy, Chairman of the club shared .

In addition, the tournament also helps clubs to show the colors of the shirt, increasing the chances of connecting members. This is also consistent with the training and competition spirit of Hoa Binh Park Runners. The club consists of members living around the Hoa Binh park area. Every weekend, they gather together here, do long runs, and improve their skills.

Hailing from the coastal city of Ha Long, club representative Halong Runners Club (HRC)Tran Thi Hang said that nearly 50 runners both officially and in reserve will be divided into two teams to participate in the upcoming Hanoi night marathon. Nearly half of these have already conquered the track at the end of last year.

HRC members attend VM Midnight 2020. Photo:

HRC members take photos with pacer at VM Hanoi Midnight 2020. Photo: HRC.

The squad is a collection of the best performers in the group. Some have run full marathon sub 3 (under 3 hours), the remaining few have achieved sub 3:30 (under 3 hours 30 minutes). “We expect to finish at 3:30 on average for the 42 km group and under 2 hours for the 21 km”, Ms. Tran Thi Hang said.

The rest of the HRC roster consists mostly of first-time runners 21 and 42 kilometers. This group does not put much emphasis on achievements but aims to win themselves.

“At VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2020, we have nearly 30 athletes attending. This year, with the team tournament, there are 50 participants, not to mention many individual runners”, Ms. Hang shared. At the time of the tournament in mid-November, Hanoi’s weather was chilly. As a result, athletes can save energy and limit dehydration compared to summer. This is an opportunity for many to set personal records (PR).

Halong Runners Club Club is a club gathering the biggest marathon lovers in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh. In the top movement tournaments, HRC often participates with a large number of athletes with many legs running to receive prizes.

Hanoi night runner departed Ham Ca Map.  Photo VnExpress Marathon.

Athlete running Hanoi night through the Ham Ca Map bend. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

In 2020, VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight is a playground of many large groups running from North to South. Many teams bring their own flags and costumes to conquer Hanoi’s night track. The category of awards for the group will increase this year’s tournament expertise as well as a playground to show the colors of the shirt, attracting many other big clubs such as VKL, Ha Tinh Runners, Dong Anh Runners …

VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight organized by online newspaper VnExpress in collaboration with Hanoi People’s Committee held for the second year on November 20.

Register to buy tickets to attend here.

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