VM Hanoi Midnight 2021 will recognize athletes who completed the 42 km distance under 4 hours on the finisher shirt, using the Sub3, Sub3: 30 and Sub4 stats.

Specifically, the Organizing Committee will print 3 landmarks of sub 3, 3:30 and 4 distance (equivalent to running under 3 hours, running under 3 hours 30 minutes and running under 4 hours) on the Finisher wind jacket. Achievement based on chiptime of the Organizing Committee.

For example, a runner who finishes within 3 hours 25 minutes will receive a Finisher shirt with a Sub 3:30 performance.

Those who complete the challenge for 4 hours or more will receive a normal wind jacket, with no achievement printed. Since the first season takes place in 2020, the Finisher wind jacket for a distance of 42 km has become the “specialty” of the tournament. Usually, runners who finish are given short sleeves.

Wind jacket design for people to finish 42 km at the Hanoi night runway 2021. (Artwork).

Designing wind jackets for people who finish 42 km at the Hanoi night runway 2021. (Artwork)

Completing a full marathon is a goal all runners are aiming for. Less than 1% of the world’s population can do this. In Vietnam, the number of athletes who can complete 42 km in under 4 hours is increasing. Therefore, the special Finisher wind jacket with achievements at the 2021 Hanoi night run will add more meaning to each person’s training and competition.

At VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2020, a different wind received a welcome from the first day of announcement. Nearly 1,000 athletes have registered the 42 km distance with the primary aim of owning this unique Finisher shirt. Even close to the end of ticket sales, the organizers had to open more gates to increase the distance for athletes who moved from 10 and 21 km to 42 km.

Finisher shirt 42 km at the Hanoi night running tournament 2020. Photo: Lam Thoai.

Finisher shirt 42 km at the Hanoi night running tournament 2020. Photo: Lam Thoa.

Last year’s shirt made by Newton, made of microfiber fibers, made up of polyester and polyamide, is highly durable. Besides maximum comfort for athletes, the microfiber material also has the ability to filter bacteria, electrostatic.

The printing technology transfers the total heat, allowing the ink to penetrate directly into the fabric, for high color fastness, fidelity and clear images, the patterns are not broken when stretching the fabric.

VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2021 will take place during the first winter. When the runner is finished, the runner can immediately use the shirt to keep her body warm and take a celebration photo with friends and relatives.

The tournament is opening ticket gates with high offers, athletes visit here to register.

Thanh Duong

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