Many groups are gathering from 50 to 100 people to enjoy incentives at the super early stage VnExpress Marathon Amazing Halong.

The Halong Runners Club is one of the first clubs to announce the closing of the list to participate in VnExpress Marathon Ha Long Amazing 2021 on the day of the Organizing Committee opening tickets on January 14. Just over an hour after opening the gate, 140 people have responded to the registration.

With a large number of members, this group is reduced by nearly 50% compared to the list price, including 30% discount for super early runners and 25% discount for groups over 100 people. Thus, for athletes who buy Bib 42 km, the price is only 393,750 VND.

140 people in the Ha Long running group registered to buy Bib.

140 people in the Halong Runners Club group registered to buy Bib.

Below the comment section are hundreds of runners posting successful transfer photos with the excitement of running VnExpress Marathon for the first time in their own homeland. Some others regret that they cannot register and buy Bib with a 30% discount.

One of the most crowded groups as of January 17 was mobilized by runner Pham Duy Cuong (nicknamed Doc to Deo), reaching over 230 people at all four distances 5, 10, 21 and 42 km.

From HCMC, the Adidas Runners Saigon running group is also gathering members. Xuan Diu, a female runner who has run many awards at VnExpress Marathon, is also the one who gathered a list of Bib prices for the “super attractive” capital, now more special incentives appear for the first time, so there will be many special offers. “Wasteful of not attending”.

The Running Group / Running Group also announced to find a sufficient number of 100 people to enjoy the incentive during the super early ticket sales phase of the Ha Long marathon. As of 17 pm on January 14, 70 members have registered.

“Bib price of VM prizes is usually very low. Ha Long prizes are so favorable, you will not have to spend a lot of money to buy Bib and still have an attractive marathon”, a runner shared.

AgriRun, the running group of Agribank’s members is also excitedly gathering. This is the group that has accompanied with many organizing periods of VnExpress Marathon, especially at VnExpress Marathon Hue where Agribank is a partner.

The Quy Nhon Morning Run team called for registration to run VM Ha Long.

AgriRun group called for registration of VM Ha Long.

The super early opening phase of VM Ha Long has the most preferential price. The lowest is VND 250,000 for the 5 km distance and the highest is VND 750,000 for 42 km. Price after 30% reduction to only 175,000 VND.

The promotion period ends on January 31, after which the athlete will buy Bib at an increasing price, the highest is Late stage, with 1.3 million VND for a distance of 42 km.

Details of the price list before and after discounts for individuals and groups are as below:

Distance The previous price decreased Prices after individual reductions 10 – 29 people 30 – 49 people 50 to 100 people From 100 people
-ten% -15% -20% -25%
5 kilometres 250,000 175,000 157,500 148,750 140,000 131,250
10km 500,000 350,000 315,000 297,500 280,000 262,500
21km 600,000 420,000 378,000 357,000 336,000 315,000
42km 750,000 525,000 472,500 446,250 420,000 393,750

* Unit: VND

In addition to the reduced price, one of the reasons attracting many clubs is the policy of printing the group name / logo on the running shirt for groups of 50 people when registering the super early stage. Many comments that this is an attractive policy, creating an opportunity for the group to show its own mark at the event. Those 21 and 42 phase distance registrants will also receive a Finisher shirt named Bib when they reach a valid finish.

The organizers offer additional media benefits for groups of over 100 people depending on the requirements such as: group logo appears on the landing page of the VM Ha Long tournament; the logo appeared in a number of award media coverage; An introduction to the group on VnExpress or Fanpage.

The group ran 300 people EVN HANOI at the VM Hanoi Midnight runway.  EVN HANOI is also one of the sponsors at the tournament.

The group runs 300 people EVN HANOI at the VM Hanoi Midnight runway. EVN HANOI is also one of the sponsors at the tournament.

Most of the runenr praised Ha Long for its beautiful tracks right by the bay. The groups of other provinces often choose Ha Long to organize weekend training sessions because of the cool air.

In addition, the busiest tourist city in the North is a familiar destination for families and companies every summer to relax and eat. VnExpress Marathon Amazing Halong takes place on August 1, the ideal time to combine running and travel.

VnExpress Amazing Halong Marathon 2021 organized by VnExpress Newspaper in collaboration with People’s Committee, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Quang Ninh province.

Thanh Duong

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