The registration portal for the virtual cycling tournament will be extended for 5 more days, until July 20, creating conditions for athletes in many places to participate.

Facing the epidemic situation in many provinces and cities, in which Ho Chi Minh City implemented the distance according to the directive 16 of the Prime Minister within 15 days from July 9, Hanoi temporarily suspended public activities… The physical training of many sports lovers is interrupted.

In order to help athletes feel secure to distance themselves, ensure safety to practice during the epidemic season, the V-Race Organizing Committee has decided to delay the closing time of the registration gate for the virtual cycling tournament “Ride safe, stay safe” until the end of the day. 20/7 instead of 15/7 as the original.

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“Run safe, ride safe” here
Cycling is a sport suitable for the whole family.  Photo: Giant.

Cycling is a sport suitable for the whole family. Image: Giant.

The free registration portal will be open until 0:00 on July 20. After that, participants can officially do the challenge within 22 days from July 21 to August 11 with 7 distances of 50km, 150km, 300km, 500km, 1000km, 2000km and 2,500km, respectively.

During the epidemic period, when a series of collective sports activities had to be halted, cycling has become a popular personal exercise method when ensuring the criteria of ease of exercise, safety, distance, and freedom. Enjoy your own way. The virtual “Ride safe, stay safe” virtual tournament gives cyclists the chance to boost their fitness in a virtual yet challenging race with clear goals.

To participate in the “Ride safe, stay safe” campaign, participants need to download the strava app and connect to the V-Race platform to record the results. Athletes are not limited to the number of times they cycle, as long as within 22 days, they accumulate enough registered kilometers, with a speed of 12 to 45km/h.

After completing the challenge, participants will receive an electronic certificate and an electronic medal of the first virtual cycling tournament of the V-Race system. At the same time, the prizes will be like a way to save the good memories of the participants about the flexible time of exercising while fighting the epidemic with the community.

Sign up for a virtual cycling tournament
“Run safe, ride safe” here

Thao Mien

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