Unlike the 2016 miracle, in the second time winning the right to attend the futsal World Cup 2021, the Vietnamese team was led by coach Pham Minh Giang.

Coach Pham Minh Giang went down in history as the first domestic coach to bring Vietnamese football to the World Cup.

Coach Pham Minh Giang went down in history as the first domestic coach to bring Vietnamese football to the World Cup.

Mr. Giang belongs to the first generation of Vietnamese futsal players to integrate into regional and continental football. Along with Nguyen Bao Quan, Ha Bao Minh, Dang Phuoc Anh… Minh Giang is the core of the Vietnamese team participating in tournaments in the SEA Games, winning the Southeast Asian and Asian championships. While playing, he was known as a technical, skillful and intelligent player. “He is a very intelligent person who knows how to win the reins with softness, not relying on strength,” said former teammate Ha Bao Minh. “After retiring, he worked as an assistant for many foreign coaches, and took careful notes, drawing out good lessons to apply to Vietnamese futsal. I respect him very much and am proud of him. Minh Giang is the first domestic coach to bring Vietnamese football to the World Cup.

In the past 10 years, Vietnamese futsal has always been associated with foreign teachers from Thailand, Brazil, and Spain, and the 2016 World Cup victory is credited to coach Bruno Garcia Formoso. The Spanish teacher at that time owned a group of experienced players such as Bao Quan, Tran Vu, Van Vu, Trong Luan, Xuan Du, Ngoc Son, Thai Huy… By the time of Pham Minh Giang was a generation of players. new. However, he still knows how to turn Ho Van Y, Quoc Nam, Doan Phat, Hoang Anh, Anh Duy, Duc Tung, Van Hieu, Dinh Hung … into teams suitable for the policy of locking down the strikers. Lebanon in two play-off matches, helping Vietnam win tickets to the World Cup 2021.

Minh Giang has been appointed since 2020, but the last two play-offs are the only time for him to debut due to the epidemic causing international tournaments to be cancelled. “I had a bit of pressure the first time I was in charge of the decisive matches. But I always promised myself, took the responsibility to do my best, to find the key to success,” said Mr. Giang. “I’m also very lucky that most tournaments were canceled but Vietnam still managed to host the 2021 HDBank Futsal Championship. Thanks to the first leg in Dak Lak, I found many staffing options. In addition, the The players also kept the pace of the game and regained the feeling, so when we joined the team, we quickly found a common voice even though it took a little time.”

Goalkeeper Ho Van Y, the hero of the two matches against Lebanon, also said that it was coach Minh Giang who connected and opened the right paths for Vietnam to win tickets to the World Cup. “He’s a great teacher. The coach understands the strengths and weaknesses of each player to overcome and promote. He is also very meticulous, meticulously building tactics to apply the style of play for the whole team.”

Goalkeeper Ho Van Y celebrates after winning tickets to the World Cup with his teammates.

Goalkeeper Ho Van Y celebrates after winning tickets to the World Cup with his teammates.

Mr. Tran Anh Tu, head of the Vietnamese futsal team, said that he started coming to futsal in 2007 when this sport was not known to many people. “Now, the whole world has admired Vietnam,” he said. “A lot of coaches around the world are wanting to come here to work. To get to this point, it’s perseverance and methodical organization. I’m not exaggerating, but it’s clear, since 2017 when the sponsor HDBank together Working with the Vietnam Football Federation to organize national championships, National Cups, and regional futsal tournaments, has encouraged and created a massive futsal movement. The current generation of players is made up of such tournaments.” .

Since 2017, the national futsal tournament has been held regularly with two first and second legs. The National Cup is also held regularly. In addition, there are Southeast Asian tournaments… held in Vietnam that have had a strong influence on the futsal world. From the empty stands in the past, now, futsal matches are always full of spectators whether in Da Nang, Khanh Hoa, Dak Lak or Ho Chi Minh City. Even a stadium like Phu Tho sometimes breaks down because of futsal matches.

“After attending the World Cup for the second time, surely the futsal movement will continue to spread more and more,” said Mr. Tran Anh Tu. “Futsal forums, good public opinion about futsal is also a lot. It shows that futsal is getting more and more attention from fans if we go in the right direction. I hope there will be more businesses accompanying futsal like HDBank so that we can jointly develop and bring futsal to more glory.”

After winning tickets to the World Cup, Vietnam’s futsal heroes on the morning of May 27 returned from the UAE to Ho Chi Minh City and were taken to medical isolation for 21 days.. They will then return to self-quarantine at home for seven days and then return to compete in the second leg of the 2021 National Championship. After this tournament, coach Pham Minh Giang’s teachers and students will gather to prepare for the World Cup finals. The team is expected to go to Spain to train before going to Lithuania to attend an indoor football festival with 23 other teams.

Besides futsal, HDBank also accompanies the international chess tournament – the only tournament in Vietnam with the scale and quality of Asia.

Before being suspended for the past two years due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the HDBank international chess tournament has spent nine consecutive years being held on a large scale, with the participation of 1,396 players from 41 countries. and territories around the world.

Dong Huyen

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