UAECoach Pham Minh Giang affirmed that his players are ready before the first leg of the 2021 World Cup play-off against Lebanon at 10pm tonight 23/5 (Hanoi time).

“Vietnam is three places behind Lebanon (43 compared to 40) on the FIFA table, but the level is not different,” coach Pham Minh Giang shared. “We have not met them at the national team level, but at the club level, Thai Son Nam has won their club. Therefore, the Vietnamese players are very confident and have nothing to fear from this West Asian opponent.” .

Vietnamese players practice getting used to the field at Khor Fakkan Gymnasium (UAE).  Photo: VFF.

Vietnamese players practice getting used to the field at Khor Fakkan Gymnasium (UAE). Image: VFF.

Preparing for two play-offs to compete for tickets to the FIFA Futsal World Cup, the Vietnamese futsal team last night practiced getting to know the field at Khor Fakkan Gymnasium (UAE) for about an hour. Due to coming to the UAE from May 15, coach Pham Minh Giang’s teachers and students were able to catch up very smoothly with the change in weather as well as the difference in time zones, thereby helping the players regain balance. physical fitness and circadian rhythms.

Over the past time, coach Pham Minh Giang has rushed to perfect the gameplay and determine the main frame for the team to play. The array of pieces of attack – defense and power-play when necessary are carefully honed, creating the initiative for the team in all situations. In addition, the ideological work for the players is also valued, as the coaching staff regularly encourages and encourages the whole team to focus on training and be confident in their ability to face challenges. Upcoming.

Coach Pham Minh Giang has just closed the list of 14 players for two matches, whereby three players were crossed out, including Mai Xuan Hiep, Nguyen Anh Quy and Ly Dang Hung. The main component of the Vietnamese team is still Thai Son Nam’s players. Meanwhile, the core of the Lebanese team is the test bridges from the Bank of Beirut club. Thai Son Nam Club won Bank of Beirut twice at the Asian Club Cup in 2015 and 2018. “Lebanon’s strength is that the player has a tall body and good strength, so they easily win in disputes. But their weakness is turning slowly in a tight space. I have somewhat grasped Lebanon’s gameplay and will have tactics and reasonable human arrangements to confront them.”

According to the head of the Vietnamese futsal delegation, Mr. Tran Anh Tu, currently the spirit of Vietnamese players is good and they are determined to overcome Lebanon in two play-off matches to win tickets to the World Cup for the second time.

Vietnam Futsal Team List: Ho Van Y, Tran Van Vu, Pham Duc Hoa, Nguyen Manh Dung, Chau Doan Phat, Le Quoc Nam, Nguyen Minh Tri, Nguyen Anh Duy, Nguyen Thanh Tin, Vu Duc Tung, Nguyen Hoang Anh, Khong Dinh Hung, Nguyen Dac Huy, Nguyen Van Hieu.

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