The Vietnam Electronic Sports and Entertainment Association (VIRESA) develops a plan in 2021, in an effort to promote the development of the country’s eSports.

One of VIRESA’s key projects is to launch the first e-sports White Paper in Vietnam in early February. The book includes official statistics and a content structure that is representative of the overall performance and status of the entire esports industry in Vietnam. The document also updates the latest trends in the world, the compass direction, overall analysis of how the individual units in the e-sports ecosystem in Vietnam are contributed by experts. industry.

The number of esports players in Vietnam has increased dramatically over the past two years.  Photo: VIRESA.

The number of esports players in Vietnam has increased dramatically over the past two years. Image: VIRESA.

In addition to the publication of the White Paper, VIRESA also has a number of other key activities to prepare for the 31st SEA Games, in the context of e-sports, the content of medal competition at the Southeast Asian Games. The association also enacted competition laws and official regulations for about 10 esports sports and some popular sport and entertainment in Vietnam, and issued regulations on the national tournament systems of eSports. as well as focusing on training activities.

Starting from 2021, VIRESA will host two annual tournament systems, the National Electronic Sports Championship (VEC) and the National Student Electronic Sports Tournament (UEC). VEC is a professional tournament system aimed at recruiting Vietnamese representatives to compete in international arenas, while UEC is a model of movement and semi-professional tournaments.

The subjects expected to be put into competition are League of Legends – Wild Rift, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, League of Legends Mobile – AOV, Free Fire, League of Legends – LOL, FIFA Online 4, Punch Size – Crossfire, DOTA 2, PES. In 2021, VIRESA will also step by step consolidate the organization, supplement and complete the National Sports and Entertainment System.

Electronic sports (eSports) has exploded rapidly in Vietnam in recent years. Strong communities were formed, spread across all parts of the country. The athletes also step up professionally with a clearer development roadmap, with more support instead of being spontaneous as before.

In a burgeoning market, many publishers and organizers are also pouring money into organizing tournaments and supporting the local esports community. Vietnam is also gradually considered a prestigious destination for many international esports tournaments. The number of viewers watching Esports has also increased dramatically over the years. In that context, 2021 promises to be a landmark year of esports development in Vietnam.

Vy Anh

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