After a year of absence, the 2021 national amateur golf championship season will kick off with the Vietnam Airlines Amateur Series and VGA Union Cup competition for Vietnam Airlines, from March 19-21 at West Lakes Golf & Villas golf course. Long An.

The gathering of talented golfers from the North and the South promises to bring exciting performances to fans of this sport in Vietnam. Similar to the Ryder Cup, this tournament will take place in the form of a teamfight between two amateur golf teams in the North and the South, going through 8 fourball matches, 8 foursomes and 12 single match matches. .

After 3 days of competition, with 28 matches, the team with the score 14.5 will be the winner. If the two teams draw 14-14, according to the rules of the tournament, the defending champion (South) will be the team that holds the cup.


The Northern team participated in the VGA Union Cup contest for the Vietnam Airlines 2021 trophy.

Northern recruitment back this year has changed significantly. Golfer Dinh Hong Phong, the deputy team captain for 2016 and 2017, became the new captain to replace golfer Le Hung Nam when he took on a new role at the Vietnam Golf Association.

The outstanding faces of the North team in the past four seasons will still be present such as Thai Trung Hieu, Ha Ngoc Hoang Loc, Hoang Quan, Doan Van Nam. In addition, the first 6 factors participating in the tournament, Vu Hung Binh, Do Quang Khanh, Nguyen Quang Hiep, Ngo Van Dung, Nguyen Duc Hoang and Bui Manh Cuong, will also blow a new wind for the team as well as this year award. After two consecutive failures in the 2018 and 2019 season, the North team with a positive, hard-working spirit is determined to regain the victory at Long An away field this year.

2021 is considered a strong transformation year for golf in Vietnam in general and professional golf in particular. After four seasons, the VGA Union Cup is always a vibrant playground, meeting talented Vietnamese golfers. With the current balance between the two North-South teams currently 2-2, the 5th tournament this year will surely bring spectacular and equally thrilling struggles for the fans.

“The scale of the professional organization, the participation of veteran players from the North and the South and the enthusiastic support from sponsors will make VGA Union Cup a prestigious tournament in the amateur league system. country, “the organizers shared.


A corner of West Lakes Golf & Villas, home of the Southern team in VGA Union Cup 2021. Photo: WG.

This year, the Northern Union Cup 2021 team has also received much attention and support from sponsors from reputable brands. The golfer community in the north, the fans of the team, will surely be present at Long An golf course to cheer the players up.

Phuong Hoang Trading Co., Ltd, Fashion Brand PING continues to be diamond sponsor of recruiting. PING sponsors a uniform that includes a hat, accessories and a cane bag as well as Le Coq Sportif clothing and Adidas shoes.

Representatives of the enterprise said that with their extensive experience in the golf equipment, accessories and market, PING products ensure comfort for golfers to achieve the highest performance.

The team’s second diamond sponsor is Giza Design and Construction Joint Stock Company. Working side by side with the team this year, Mr. Ngo Huu Tiep, representative of Giza company, hopes to contribute to creating a fun and sociable playground for the golf community of the two regions to connect with each other.

In addition, the North team also received enthusiastic support from many other sponsors. Ruby sponsors include the following brands: Real Estate Technology Platform, Austdoor Group Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Golf Sports and Service Joint Stock Company (VGS Sports).

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