The number of participants in VnExpress’s virtual running chain exceeded 50,000, completing a distance of over 2 million km as of June 6.

The V-Race virtual running platform took just over 3 months to increase the total distance from one million to two million kilometers.

After more than a year of launch, V-Race has attracted more than 50,000 runners of all ages and professions to participate. Many individuals and groups who are abroad also respond to V-Race every day. According to statistics, over 70% of runners are male, preferring distances from 100 to 150 km. Meanwhile, female runners and the elderly choose a more suitable distance for themselves.

So far, V-Race has organized 18 virtual tournaments on the organized V-Race platform, becoming one of the most exciting and attractive running platforms in the sports-loving community. On average, there is an award every month with topical topics, raising people’s awareness about epidemics, natural disasters, child protection….

V-Race helps each person to set a training goal for a certain period of time, usually 21 days.  Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

V-Race helps each person set specific training goals for a certain period of time, usually 21 days. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

The “I’m safe” award kicked off as soon as the first wave of Covid-19 broke out in Vietnam, conveying the message of raising awareness of self-protection and health training. Or “Central Trade” took place in September, the time when 10 provinces from Thanh Hoa to Quang Nam were heavily affected by the historic storm. The award “Give a chance – Connect a dream” brings Tet gifts to Quang Nam children….

Most recently, to fight the epidemic with the whole country, VnExpress launch the “Run for Vaccine” virtual race to call for runners to support the Vaccine Fund. There is a fee of 100,000 VND for each registration. All ticket sales will be donated to the Foundation. Currently, 3,600 runners have participated in the tournament, equivalent to a donation of 360 million VND. The prize is still accepting registrations until the end of July 18 here.

Ranking of the best runners on V-Race.

Ranking of the best individuals on V-Race.

In the context of the epidemic still breaking out in many waves in 2020 and early 2021, virtual running on V-Race is a way to motivate runners to practice. Each person chooses the area and time to run, ensuring safety but still improving health.

Some individuals have reached the milestone of more than 4,400 km since V-Race started. Especially there are runners who run more than 800 km in 21 days. On average, each runner completed 60 km on the V-Race.

The running communities and clubs on V-Race are also active, completing tens of thousands of kilometers each. 84RACE with a core of many famous runners always maintains the leading position. This club contributes 25,500 km. Following are the Running Community (R4S), Training Together, Sacombank Runners Club, adidas Runners Saigon, NEU Runners and Friends – NRF, DAM CA MAU – PVCFC RUNNERS, VietinBank – BSC Warrior, Ho Lon Team… V- Race always encourages runners to join groups, creating a strong community.

Teams run the highest performance.

Top performing groups.

At the end of each award, the Organizing Committee will award certificates and medals online and offline. In addition, there are also in-kind rewards for runners and running groups that meet the criteria of the Organizing Committee such as shopping vouchers, cash, running shirts…. as well as prizes-specific challenges on the V-Race Fanpage. .

In the second half of 2021, VnExpress will continue to organize virtual events, in addition to offline races in Hanoi, Ha Long and Quy Nhon. All help to form and further promote the movement of running and improving health in the community. The organizers expect this to be a suitable playground for people of all ages, occupations and geographical locations. Runners go here to choose the right tournament and distance for them.

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