The “Ride safe, stay safe” prize is dedicated to cycling, organized in the form of accumulating kilometers, opening registration from 12 noon today 23/6.

“Ride safe, stay safe” is the first virtual cycling tournament on VnExpress’s platform for V-Race sports lovers. This tournament aims to inspire exercise and passion for cycling for everyone. In the context of complicated developments of the epidemic and the suspension of collective sports activities, many people have turned to suitable sports to improve their health. Cycling is one of them.

The free registration portal will be open from 12:00 on June 23 to 0:00 on July 15 here. Unlike other V-Race campaigns that allow participants to run immediately the next day, the “Ride Safe, Stay safe” virtual tournament kicks off after registration closes at 0:00 on July 15. With 4 distances of 50 km, 150 km, 300 km and 500 km, athletes have 22 days to complete or exceed the registration goal.

The first V-Race campaign for bicycles with the message Run safe, stay safe

The first V-Race campaign for bicycles with the message “Run safe, stay safe”.

Currently, the cycling community is thriving across the country, becoming a favorite and easy-to-practice sport of every home. Grandparents, parents and children are all suitable for cycling and improving health.

By pressing the pedal (pedal) on the open roads around the residential area, breathing the fresh air, feeling the pace of their movement, cyclists have maintained their fitness activities. easily. At the same time, cycling alone in deserted areas is a way to comply with epidemic prevention regulations and ensure safety for yourself and the community.

“Ride safe, stay safe” gives cyclists the chance to boost their fitness in a virtual yet challenging race with clear goals. Maintaining the habit of keeping yourself active every day will help keep you physically, mentally and spiritually healthy, especially during stressful times of the epidemic.

Athletes can register for V-Race “Run safe, stay safe” here.

With the “Ride safe, stay safe” campaign, participants need to install the strava app and connect to the V-Race platform to be recognized for their achievements. Athletes are not limited to the number of times they cycle, as long as they accumulate enough registered kilometers, between 12 and 45km/h. This is a speed suitable for both professional athletes as well as those who are just starting to practice sports cycling.

After completing the challenge, participants will receive an electronic certificate and an electronic medal to save a good memory of a training journey.

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