Participating in the 75th Women’s Major of the American Golf Association (USGA), golfers had to compete on both courses with par71 but with different tactics.

The tournament kicked off today, December 10 with a $ 5.5 million prize fund at the Champions Golf Club in Houston, Texas. Diseases made this event impossible in early June. And the new calendar makes it unusual.

This is the first time the US Women’s Open will be held in the last month of the year and also the first time on two courts. The organizers allow golfers to take a three-round trial.

This week in Houston, the sun rises after 7:00 a.m. and sets at around 5:20 p.m. To ensure progress in the scene less than 10.5 hours during the day, the organizers had to make use of Cypress Creek and Jackrabbit, 6,558 long, to 156 golfers competing for the title.

For the first two days, all players must join in the 9: 20-11.32 frame, play alternately on both courts, with a group of three starting from hole 1 and hole 10. From the third round, the winners cut. only have to handle Cypress Creek.

“A US Open is always difficult. Usually 2-3 rounds of inspection are not enough to learn. Now the task is even heavier than having to handle both courses,” said Stacy Lewis, a golfer who owns two major. .

Not only that, the players have to deal with two different types of pitch. Cypress Creek is 6,731 yards long with majestic greens. “Maybe you will have to put the ball at least 21 meters,” warns Cheyenne Knight – American player born in 1997. Knight won one title – VOA Classic 2019 after two years on the LPGA Tour.

The 6,558-yard jackrabbit is the opposite. “Be careful with Jackrabbit. From the beginning to the end of the hole I don’t know. Fairway is both narrow and easy to get the ball into the rough grass. The greens are small and very rippling. Unsure to break the game,” Knight wary.

As skilled as Angela Stanford, a golfer who attended the US Women’s Open for 20 years in a row, also claims to have never struggled to prepare like this one. She said: “For me, this is definitely the hardest solution.”

Stanford won six LPGA Tour championships, including the 2018 major Evian Championship. She got the chance to grab the 2003 US Open but failed because she lost to Hilary Lunke in the 18-hole double playoff.

Danielle Kang is notorious for studying the front yard of the tournament. She often asks local golferers or PGA Tour stars like Dustin Johnson to get insight into unprecedented pitches. When he couldn’t find the right person, Kang used Google Maps to view it from above. And she coordinated everything she could when researching the Champions Golf Club. “They differ from grass, green speed to terrain, so I think adapting to both sides is the key to winning the game,” Kang said from personal experience. She won the major Women’s PGA Championship 2017 in the five LPGA Tour titles.

Although most of his colleagues were concerned and tried to learn about the field, the world’s second golfer Kim Sei Young chose to take care to fight. “I played 18 holes in the first two days of this week. I only played nine on Wednesdays. Although I am not used to competing on two courts, I think it is important to save energy because there are 72 holes ahead,” Kim said. .

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