The world’s third golfer Justin Thomas tattooed the symbol to pay homage and gratitude to his parents.

Thomas placed the “family symbol” on the outside of his left forearm, near his elbow. It consists of four tiles, of which three vertical lines represent parents and self. Particularly, the middle dash is longer than the two sides, but is equivalent to the dash right above to create the visual effect of “T” – short for Thomas.

In addition, Thomas also tattooed the signature of Paul – grandfather – on the inside of his right forearm.

For this, he had to ask his grandmother to take a sample.

“I called her and said ‘this is weird, but would you please have me sign something for you.’ My grandfather’s signature looks a lot like the legendary Arnold Palmer. I asked her to send pictures when I got the samples. She asked ‘what would you like to do’ but I didn’t answer,” Thomas said

Thomas tattooed in a rare place to acknowledge his parents.  Photo: AP

Thomas tattooed in a rare place to acknowledge his birth parents. Image: AP

After finishing the job, Thomas showed his grandfather the finished photo. “He said he would charge a service fee every time he saw his own signature on television,” he said with a smile.

Paul passed away at the age of 89 earlier this February. Both tattoos rarely show up. Their story was revealed on the PGA Tour on July 6.

The Thomas family has been three generations of professional golf. Because Thomas is playing on the PGA Tour, and his grandfather and father are both certified coaches of the Professional Golf Association of America (PGA of America).

In professional golf since 2013, Thomas has won 14 PGA Tour championships and three European Tour Cups, including the 2017 major PGA Championship. He is currently third in the world professional men’s golf rankings (OWGR).

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