Dana White wants Khabib to return to the octagon to win a match with McGregor in 2021.

“Dana White and Khabib Nurmagomedov will meet, probably in Abu Dhabi, before discussing more details in las Vegas. We will consider the possibilities together and give them a chance,” said Ali Abdelaziz, representative. by Khabib, told TMZ. “I just want to remind, that Khabib did everything he wanted at the UFC. He not only defeated, but also destroyed Conor McGregor’s fighting spirit. There is nothing for Khabib to prove.”

Khabib won in 29 matches at UFC.  Photo: Reuters.

Khabib won all 29 matches in UFC. Image: Reuters.

Khabib announced that he hung his gloves after defeating Justin Gathje in October 2020. Chairman Dana White did not want to lose the UFC’s golden egg, and repeatedly offered the Russian boxer to return to the octagon. He also mentioned McGregor as an opportunity for Khabib to get rich when he returned.

However, between Khabib and White there were many disagreements. After knocking out McGregor at the end of 2018, the Russian boxer was kept a 2 million USD bonus by the UFC. He was also stripped of his license for assaulting rival team members. After this controversy, Khabib only took the radio twice in two years, then announced that he had hung his gloves.

“I’m not sure what it means to beat McGregor again for Khabib, although the fans are looking forward to the battle. Financially, it’s clearly a great opportunity. But everyone knows, is If it was just for money, it would be difficult to convince Khabib to change his mind, “he continued.

According to the CBS SportsOne of the reasons why Dana White was so anxious to bring Khabib back to the ring was because of Covid-19. Due to the effects of the pandemic, the UFC could not be organized continuously as before. The audience’s habits are also changed. They are only really interested in big battles between big name boxers.

“Everyone says that McGregor will have $ 100 million. To be honest, we don’t really care. Numbers are not what we want. I can’t convince Khabib to do what he doesn’t want. Never.” Now I am pressing or questioning about the possibility of returning to the ring “, Abdelaziz stressed.

Thang Nguyen (according to the AS)

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