Heavy boxing legend, Mike Tyson, talked about career events, ahead of the day with Roy Jones Jr.

“The best time of my life was probably right before the world championship. When I got to the top, things got tough. It didn’t seem like the time to be successful, because there were so many around me. emotional pitfall, “Mike Tyson said BBC.

Tyson: There's a kid that's always with me

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. November 28 – 15 years since he announced the glove hanging. Image: Reuters.

Tyson won the WBC title in late 1986, at the age of 20. He is the youngest heavyweight boxer in history to own a world championship belt. However, the climax of “Mike Steel” lasted less than four years, before losing to boxer under Buster Douglas in early 1990.

After this defeat, Tyson declined in form, then went to prison for rape. In the late 1990s, he made a comeback, but his biggest impression was Evander Holyfield’s ear-biting, instead of trophies.

“There was a child inside me. Now I learned how to protect him, but as a young man, when I was locked up and went through a series of crazy things, I left him alone,” Tyson said. . “Perhaps the best thing a class should have is someone who cares deeply. When you have feelings that really build, you will know how to be positive, and make those around you happy.”

On November 28, Tyson will take the show, meet Roy Jones Jr. – A boxer once won the world championship in four weight classes. He showed respect for his three-year-old opponent: “I think Jones will handle the things I have met better. He’s calm, and he acts as a reliable prop.”

The match between Tyson and Jones Jr. Originally scheduled for September 2020, but delayed two months by Covid-19.

Thang Nguyen (according to the BBC)

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