Robert Streb holds $ 1,188 million with the second PGA Tour trophy in his career thanks to the ball and green close to the 18-yard Seaside field on November 22.

That day, Streb hit the lower leg of the RSM Classic and crossed the bottom hole three times within an hour.

The first time is the 72nd “stage” in a journey consisting of four standard rounds. At that time, a player born in 1987 had pressure to keep par 2.4 meters away because he did not go to the standard green. He successfully closed the hole and definitely got $ 719,400 for the runner-up position. But it also helped him pull Kevin Kisner into the pit to compete for the championship.

Two good handling phases in hole 15 helped Streb to take the throne for the second time at RSM Classic.  Photo: AP

Two good handling phases in hole 15 helped Streb to take the throne for the second time at RSM Classic. Image: AP

For the second time, Streb kept par, still 2.4 meters from the hole and stretched out the duel match.

Last time, Streb was 158 yards from target, pitching wedge to the green. The ball stopped close to the rim of the hole so that he just had to touch the birdie lightly.

This hit helped Streb hold the title, adding $ 468,600. And then, with a total bonus income of 11,153,729 USD, Streb was ranked 176st out of 198 members, surpassing the $ 10 million mark at the PGA Tour since 1968. Currently, this arena has 793 golfers with career bonus statistics.

Robert Streb's shots in the final round of RSM Classic

Synthesize Streb’s shots in the final round of RSM Classic on November 22.

Six years ago, Streb won the RSM Classic, despite being five strokes behind when in the final leg. In the last three consecutive seasons, he is always out of the top 125 FedEx Cup transcripts, so he struggled with relegation events. But last season, Streb was unintentionally relieved because the PGA Tour did not consider relegation conditions due to the influence of Covid-19.

And with RSM Classic 2020 – the second title in 213 PGA Tour events, he has more income and achievement opportunities, including a ticket to major Masters in April 2021 and a PGA Tour membership card until the end of the month. 8/2023.

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