Late entry time and sensible advice from caddies at Wells Fargo Championship helped Rory McIlroy finish 18 months without a title at the PGA Tour.

McIlroy held the Wells Fargo Championship on May 9, after 553 days of struggling to exceed 18 titles, including all four majors in the world’s most attractive golf arena. But he almost gave up from travel right before the opening day, May 5.

That day, McIlroy was numb at the training ground. “The session was very good. After swinging the 3 iron with the right sweet spot, I turned to the Harry Diamond caddy and suddenly I froze. I couldn’t move. It’s strange”, McIlroy revealed. Golf Channel.

McIlroy and caddie Diamond in a difficult situation in the hole 18 rounds to beat Wells Fargo.

McIlroy and caddie Diamond in a difficult situation in the hole 18 rounds to beat Wells Fargo.

The Northern Ireland Golfer applied ice all night the same day to deal with the problem, but by the next morning, the stain did not completely go away. “Swing the stick for only half a turn, it hurts again,” McIlroy said.

However, the former world number one born in 1989 was lucky. He still had time to overcome this because it was not until the early afternoon that the opening match started. “I was not really comfortable during the opening round. People probably saw me put a pain reliever band on my neck. Thanks to that, it became more flexible until the end of the week,” he said.

Wells Fargo Championship took place on Quail Hollow, par71 with a prize fund of 8.1 million USD. McIlroy finished the first leg with 72 strokes on par71, through the next two rounds 66 – 68 strokes respectively. For the finish line, he kept the top of the table after 17 holes.

In the last hole – hole 18 par4, McIlroy close to the coronation podium with two strokes. He played with the number 3 wooden stick, was 301 yards, but into the thick grass close to the creek. That is the red-stake trap area. At that time, Abraham Ancer, with a score of -9 at the finish line, became his biggest opponent with the ability to play extra holes if McIlroy double bogey.

After the opening of the hole, McIlroy’s ball is still floating on the grass, but the tip of the club may catch on the bump before contact. He can chip back onto the fairway or aim straight left onto the green with an unfavorable stance. However, these two options have the potential to crash later on.

At this time, caddie Diamond intervened, advising him to consider the right to drop the ball with a penalty stick.

“Harry gave great advice. Initially, I was about to hit the current position with my lob wedge. He immediately advised ‘Think again. You should have figured out where to hit the third shot’. So I heard. According to, “McIlroy recounted the conference with his real combat assistant.

And accordingly, he received a penalty of a stick to get the ball in place better. The new location is also not sensually favorable – still in thick rough grass, on the slope and below the feet.

McIlroy escapes the rough grass in a difficult pose

However, McIlroy still got down to No. 8 iron with the sweet spot. The ball goes green, about 13 meters from the hole. From there, he latched the bogey after two swipes, of which the last putt was 0.6 meters. After this, he went to kiss his wife Erica Stoll and his first daughter Poppy before going to sign the transcript.

McIlroy was in tears when he received Wells Fargo Championship 2021. “Winning the PGA Tour is hard. It’s been a while,” he said.

With a bonus of $ 1,458 million, McIlroy ranked sixth on the list of the most bounty PGA Tours over time – $ 56,368,517.

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