Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson both strayed to the fairway on hole 6 in the first shot of the 7th hole, but then both scored a birdie in the first round of the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

This PGA Tour event takes place on the Detroit Golf Club par 72 with a prize fund of $7.5 million, starting on July 1.

In the opening leg, Mickelson went right behind Watson, starting in the same direction from the 10th hole. Both were on the side of “Lefty” – swinging from the left, in which the right hand led and the left hand led. After 15 holes, Watson scored round -1 – three birdies and two bogeys, and Mickelson still even par.

Mickelson in the first round of Rocket Mortgage Classic at Detroit Golf Club on July 1.  Photo: AP

Mickelson in the first round of Rocket Mortgage Classic at Detroit Golf Club on July 1. Image: AP

At Detroit Golf Club, holes 6 and 7 run parallel but in opposite directions.

On the par5 7th hole, Watson played 295 yards but the ball strayed to the fairway on hole 6, 258 yards from the target. In the second shot, Watson was given the option of increasing his pressure through the trees, or risking – the ball high, around the trees to the right.

And Watson chose the risky option. At first he tried out the wooden club, but then changed to a driver – a tee that specializes in teeing – and then went back to work after two more drafts. The active slice ball passes obstacles and lands near the green. Watson then chips more than nine yards, adding a one-meter putt to close the birdie.

Watson takes a risk to close the birdie on the 7th hole par5

The slice for the “Lefty” side has a banana-like trajectory from right to left, in contrast to the right swing group. It belongs to the common technical errors in golf, especially among new players.

And Mickelson also played to the fairway on hole 6, about 12 yards farther from where Watson had strayed before with the same direction. However, Mickelson used a wooden stick and chose to reverse Watson.

After the second shot, Mickelson entered the rough, 41 yards from the hole. He used a wedge to tire the ball onto the green and then birdie with a 1.2-meter putt.

Mickelson birdie with a 1.2 meter putt

Leaving hole 7, Watson and Mickelson both birdie the last two holes. Watson closed the opening stage with 68 strokes, standing at T20 with a score of -4 while Mickelson was at T36 (pointed -3).

Opening day was delayed due to bad weather. Therefore, 27 golfers will settle the backlog and enter the second round on the same day of July 2. The top of the 18-hole table belongs to Davis Thompson with a score of -9. Yesterday, Thompson scored nine birdies and no bogey on his third PGA Tour appearance after a month of turning pro. Players born in 1999 attend Rocket Mortgage Classic 2021 according to the sponsor’s slot.

Defending champion Bryson DeChambeau stood at T110 (even par) after 18 holes, of which three birdies covered the bogey in the first half and kept par for the second half.

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