HCMCThe 75kg boxer wins with points after a 4-half friendly match with Scottish rival Matthew McDonald on the evening of March 21.

Being rated higher, thanks to owning two WBA Asian and East Asian WBA belts, Truong Dinh Hoang joined the war cautiously. In front of an opponent with better height and arm span, the Vietnamese boxing champion avoids direct attacks. Instead, he does a lot of punches and round punches.

Truong Dinh Hoang (left) overwhelmed McDonald's for most of the match.  Photo: Hoang Giang.

Truong Dinh Hoang (left) overwhelmed McDonald’s for most of the match. Image: Hoang Giang.

Matthew McDonald, Dinh Hoang’s rival, is also a professional boxer. Martial artist was born in Scotland but currently has Vietnamese nationality, causing surprises at the beginning of the game when he actively attacks, even neglects the defense.

Thanks to being six years younger, Dinh Hoang started to dominate the second half. The close pressure and blow of the boxer from Dak Lak made McDonald suffer many heavy hits, his face was stained with blood. At the end of the second half, Dinh Hoang seemed to have knocked out the opponent with a chain of attacks, but McDonald’s still managed to do it.

The double match still goes on until the end of the fourth half. Plump fitness and stamina help McDonald get better as the game goes on in the final seconds. At the end of the match, the daring counterattack of the Scottish boxer made Dinh Hoang stunned, even almost collapsing to the floor.

Truong Dinh Hoang played after more than a year of Covid -19 translation

There was no knock-out after a four-half match, and Dinh Hoang was awarded by the referees. This is the first time the gold medal at the 28th SEA Games ranks 75kg after more than a year.

“This is an opportunity for me to train and improve my skills to prepare for the biggest goal of the year, the 31st SEA Games gold medal. I tried my best and showed my best, but the opponent was very hit. good, “Dinh Hoang said after the game. “Hopefully this year’s SEA Games will be held, so that athletes like me have a chance to play.”

Dinh Hoang hit many heavy attacks on McDonald's but could not knock out the opponent.  Photo: Hoang Giang.

Dinh Hoang hit many heavy attacks on McDonald’s but could not knock out the opponent. Image: Hoang Giang.

As expected, Dinh Hoang has one more battle in July 2021. This is considered the last tour, before he entered the 31st SEA Games held in late November.

The match between Dinh Hoang and McDonald is the maincard match of the boxing event “Celebrity Fights – Chef Edition”, bringing together a total of 14 boxers. Vietnam contributes eight of these. The proceeds from the prize are used for charity and to help families with special circumstances.

Thang Nguyen

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