Tri-Factor Vietnam 2021 triathlon race took place in Vung Tau on 11/4 attracting 400 athletes, representing 28 countries.

Tri-Factor Vietnam 2021 triathlon race has the participation of athletes from Japan, Singapore, Taiwan (China), Canada, France, South Africa, UK, Spain, USA .. According to the organizers, Tri-Factor Vietnam 2021 is not only the opening tournament for the season but also a playground to recruit troops for the national triathlon and duathlon teams to attend the 31st SEA Games.

Athletes have the opportunity to experience the poetic competition in the coastal city of Vung Tau. The swimming competition took place at Thuy Van beach, the area with a long beach and suitable for swimming activities. The Tri-Factor Vietnam bike track runs along Thuy Van Street, around Nguyen An Ninh and ends at the transition area. The race track stretches from Thuy Van Street towards Ha Long Road with a long coastline, many green trees and beautiful landscapes of Vung Tau City such as Vung Tau Lighthouse, Quan Am Nam Hai Pagoda, Nui Nho .. .

Athletes prepare before the bicycle race.

Athletes prepare before the bicycle race.

After the competition, Tri-Factor Vietnam 2021 has found the best individuals in many competitions. Specifically, in the Enduro event (1.5 km swimming, 76 km cycling and 20 km running), athlete Dang Quoc Tuan (BIB 1111) won the championship. The runner-up title belonged to Le Nhat Tai (BIB 1048). The third prize is athlete Nguyen Tuan Anh (BIB 1113).

In the female category, the first prize was awarded to Pham Nguyen To Phuong (BIB 1001). The second prize belonged to Emma Jean Payne (BIB 1011) – a foreign athlete living in Vietnam. Third place belonged to Nguyen Dang Quynh Nhu (BIB 1006).

Content Standard (Standard, 1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running) is the race track used to determine the achievements of selecting personnel for the national team to attend the 31st SEA Games. Accordingly, Lam Quang Japan (BIB 2110) won the championship. This former SEA Games swimmer won the gold medal in Vietnam to participate in the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines in December 2019. Second place was Matan Nemenoff (BIB 2050), third place was Takanori Ayusawa (BIB 2106).

In the Standard for women, Nguyen Thi Kim Cuong (BIB 2134) finished first. On Monday and Tuesday are Nguyen Thi Tra My (BIB 2137) and Pham Thuy Vi (BIB 2136), a former player who attended the 30th SEA Games.

Awarded the Standard female content award.

Awarded the Standard female content award.

Also in the duathlon Standard (10 km jogging, 40 km cycling, 5 km jogging) – the race to qualify for the SEA Games also found the first runner Nguyen Thi Phuong Trinh (BIB 5005). Before that, Phuong Trinh was the only person to win a bronze medal for the 30th SEA Games duathlon in the Philippines. This year, the “golden girl” of the Vietnam team continues to affirm the position of the number one female duathlon athlete in Vietnam with the achievement of 2 hours 14 minutes 52 seconds. The second runner-up, 15 minutes behind Phuong Trinh, is Nguyen Phan Thuy Van (BIB 5006). In third place is Anna Fritz (BIB 5003).

In the men’s duathlon, German runner Florian Deichman (BIB 5008) overcame rival Nguyen Anh Tri (BIB 5022) and former national player Cao Ngoc Ha (BIB 5025) to win the title.

In addition, the contest also has other contents such as Sprint (750 m swimming, 22 km cycling, 5 km jogging), relay Enduro.

Athlete Hugo Luik won the Men's Sprint Championship.

Athlete Hugo Luik won the Men’s Sprint Championship.

Athlete Lam Quang Nhat – Standard Men’s 2021 Tri-Factor Vietnam champion said participants should pay attention to rehydration and nutrition for the pedal and running, because the weather is quite harsh from 9am onwards. “This weather is very difficult to maintain their energy at high heart rate, so players need to pay more attention to nutrition,” Lam Quang Nhat said.

As a rule, the Vietnam Triathlon Federation will select athletes with achievements in Tri-Factor Vietnam 2021 (triathlon, duathlon Standard) that are approximately or better than the parameters of winning bronze medals at SEA Games 30 to join the team nation. Athletes who achieve in the top three rankings of the events at the Tri-Factor will be given priority on the national team’s Selective list. The national team coaching and team leaders have the right to decide on special talent cases and qualified athletes of the national team.

Tri-Factor Vung Tau 2021 organized by Viet Nam MTB Series Joint Stock Company. The program marks the return of a series of three sports tournaments in Vietnam, opening up a thriving year 2021 after a period of upheaval about epidemics. Participants update the latest news by following the contest at Website or Fanpage program.

Ha Thanh (Photo: MTB Series)

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